Beauty In Nature

Have you ever marveled at the beauty in nature?  Maybe (secretly) you watch those nature programs on PBS.  It’s alright, your secret is safe with me.  (Shhh! I watch them, too.)

On my way to work some mornings, when it’s clear, I get to see the sunrise – all of the yellows, oranges, and pinks.  The dawning of a new day is breathtaking.  Or, have you ever watched birds soar in the air?  They just glide and swoop and twirl in the air.  It makes me wish I could fly like that. Of birds, when my children were smaller, whenever they’d see birds sitting in a row on the telephone wire, they’d say “Mom! Look at the bird choir!”  Too cute!

I’ll never forget, when I lived on the west coast, my first time seeing a hummingbird up close outside of my window.  I was amazed at the tiny wings fluttering so fast that it held the bird in the air, hovering as it visited a flower.  Wings fluttering so fast it sounded like a slight buzzing sound.  Hummingbirds are gorgeous creatures to behold as they dance from flower to flower.

Or maybe you love the water.  Ahhh, something about the lake or the ocean is calming.  The rhythmic dance of the waves as they lap up on shore. And the beautiful expanse of those bodies of water puts you in awe.

Or maybe you like mountains? Hikes on the trail? Walks in the park? Sailing on the open water? Gardening and watching the miracle of life come from a seed?

Whatever it is, don’t miss the beauty and wonder that nature provides.  It can be something that brings joy and wonder to your day…little moments of awe.

God has created such wonders in nature for us to behold.


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