The Rhythm of the Rain

(I decided to take a different approach today and blog in the form of an incomplete short story. Hope you enjoy.)

As she sat on her bed listening to the  pitter-pat of the raindrops falling on her rooftop, she felt a certain peace. There is something soothing about the rhythm the rain makes as it falls. With the lights out in the quiet of her room, she breathed a sigh of relief. The last couple of weeks had been stressful, dealing with family and the ex-boyfriend. “Oh, how I wish problems would just leave me alone, but, that’s not how life goes, is it?” she mumbled to herself.  Ah, but, the rain, it had the magical power to wash away all of that stress. Even the distant rumblings of thunder were a comfort to her.

As she laid down and sunk her head into the pillow, her aching body relaxed.  Her tense muscles which all day long had held their shape almost as rigidly as a soldier at attention, began to loosen. Her eyes closed momentarily but she caught herself, opened them wide and she began to talk to God, which she did almost every evening. She decided not to call it ‘praying’ because it didn’t feel formal enough to call it actual prayer. She just had “conversations” with God. Most of the time these conversations included a laundry list of complaints, questions, and frustrations. If she wasn’t careful she was going to get herself all worked up again and she didn’t want to do that. Instead, she ceased her one-way conversation and lay there in silence. She could sense what she knew to be God’s presence. Even though He hadn’t answered any of her questions tonight, she somehow knew He was watching over her. Even on other days when she felt she’d been particularly ill-behaved, His presence remained with her, for which she was thankful.

The heavy rain pattern began to taper off, almost like the ending of a favorite song.  She took another deep breath before reaching down to pull her covers up over her body.  She felt her eyelids begin to droop. Yes, sleep was a very real option at this point. But what would she do about all of her pending problems? The ex-boyfriend with whom she had lived for five years and had broken up with one year ago, was still trying to fight with her over ownership of the condo they’d bought together.  Her estranged uncle Ted had started coming around again asking for money supposedly for a security deposit for an apartment he was trying to get, but, it was really to feed his addiction to alcohol. He could no longer mooch off of his girlfriend because she got fed up with his behavior and kicked him out.  Her boss at work was breathing down her neck about a project he wanted done ‘yesterday’…. She sighed aloud.  Too many things to think about this late in the evening.  Her head started to throb. “No, no, no headache! You cannot come back! I have to calm down again.”  She began to breathe deeply, letting the breaths seep out s-l-o-w-l-y like her therapist had told her to do.  It was helping a little. The more she concentrated on breathing, the less her mind focused on her problems.  “Well, Rome wasn’t built in a day, so I won’t solve all of my problems this evening.  I may as well just sleep,” she reasoned aloud.  She continued breathing.

Suddenly, the rain started up again.  Ahhh, yes! She thought to herself. “My natural calming agent. God, let it rain all night!”  The rain steadily beat down on her rooftop.  The soothing rhythm calmed her once again.  Her eyes closed and she drifted off.  The sleep she was craving had finally arrived.

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