I’m Still Here… and A Blanket

Hi WordPress Family & KD Corner Family!  I’m still here!  Yes, I’m really still here – I haven’t dropped off of the face of the earth, I promise. I’ve just been busy with life and family and work and haven’t been online as much. 

To expand on the title of this particular blog post – “I’m Still Here”  in life.  Even with all of life’s challenges you & I are STILL here.  We’re still plugging away.  Still creating, thinking, dreaming.  We’re still here for a reason.  To give to others.  My gift to you (I hope) is the encouragement, or renewed hope, or the openness to the idea that there indeed is a God who loves you.

Now, I’m sure you’re curious what “A Blanket” has to do with my post today.  Well, let me tell you a quick story.  Years ago, I was going through a particularly tough time and I had to move from one state to another.  It was a very trying time in my life.  Long story short, I had to take a train ride to my destination.  I didn’t know exactly what the future held and had just left a situation that was very unstable.  My world was shaken, as was my faith in mankind.  On the train, I made sure those traveling with me were taken care of, then I tried to get comfortable.  It was cold on the train.  I was freezing but didn’t have enough money to buy a blanket,  so I curled myself up as much as possible and was determined to get some rest.  When I woke up, I was covered in a warm blanket – a child’s blanket.  I was disoriented for a moment and  then thankful.  I began to look around to see if I could figure out who had done this for me.  I caught the eye of a young woman who was traveling with her sister and 2 children.  I had seen her when I boarded the train but I was concerned with myself and my traveling companions.  She nodded at me and I nodded back at her and said “thank you”.  Seeing that she’d given me one of her children’s blankets, I went over and tried to return the blanket to her.  But she said “no” and motioned with her hands, insisting that I keep it.  I don’t think she spoke English, but, I understood her perfectly.  I was so touched.  Tears welled up in my eyes, and I said thank you repeatedly as I returned to my seat.  She smiled and nodded and went back to her conversation with her sister.

As I settled myself back in my seat, and covered myself with my new cozy blanket decorated with a cute children’s design, I whispered “God, thank you,” as tears streamed down my face.  He showed his love, care and kindness to me through a stranger on a train.  It meant so much to me because she took from her own family’s belongings to share with me.  She had compassion on me, though she didn’t know me.  That gesture of love spoke to me in a HUGE way.  In the midst of my deep pain at the time, God reached in through a woman on a train to show me that goodness still exists in people, and reminded me that He (God) definitely was with me at that time (and always), and that His love is always watching over me.

Be blessed today!

Toodles 🙂 ♥

Image: FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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