Little Pleasures

I’ve nothing terribly profound to share today.  But, I wanted to share SOMEthing, ya know?  I have to admit I was feeling kind of “blah”.  So I began to think of the “little pleasures” of my day and my list began to grow.

Little things that made me smile today were:
* My work-bff came back from a 1.5 week vacation & I was so happy to see her! We got to catch up.
* I laughed with another coworker about how NBC really botched the airing of the closing ceremonies of the Olympics by randomly airing one of their new shows right in the middle, instead of airing the closing ceremonies without interruption.
* I came home to one of my kids actually doing the chore I asked them to do. 🙂 yay!
* I got to wear a new skirt to work today & laughed because it’s one of those pencil skirts that only allows you to take very small steps.
* My dog being happy to see me when I got home (just like every day).
* Seeing Facebook being used for good. A friend recently lost his brother unexpectedly and the outpouring of loving messages on Facebook for him was a beautiful thing to behold.
* Having a nice chat with God and being encouraged.
* Reconnecting with a friend that I thought fell off the face of the planet. Lol.
* Being able to buy something I really liked for lunch today.
* Hugging my youngest child (the one who still likes giving hugs). Priceless.

Have a great day!
Toodles. ♥

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