Prayer of the Wounded

This poem came to my heart. It doesn’t rhyme. Its more like thoughts on a page…rather like a prayer and what I’d imagine God’s answer to be.  Some scripture was quoted and with other things I took poetic license.  But from my heart, this is for all who have ever been wounded by a life changing event, or a series of events or circumstances.  If you’ve ever felt like there was no hope or no reason for your suffering, you’re not alone.  I believe that whatever we endure, we must then turn around and help others. God has not forgotten you, nor has he left you.  I’m sorry for whatever any of you have gone through or are going through. But I hope to provide some comfort in the fact that you are not alone. Others have gone through similar.  Let this “poem” represent a collective heart’s cry for all wounded people and let it be a healing salve and a comfort to you in your time of need.

Prayer of the Wounded

heart, mind, soul.
Like barren, plundered lands.
Run roughshod over.
So deep, it’s buried.
When pricked, when unearthed it’s
I scream!

Heal, Heal, Heal
I say to my soul
The salve is smoothed on
It stings
It gets worse before better.
Bandages, bandages
Change them, reapply salve, wait…

It takes time for deep wounds to heal
Scars are left
Over time, barely visible.
But they bring to remembrance
A Time
A time of gut-wrenching devastation

My soul was plundered
They tried to take it
But I wouldn’t let them.
I fought
I fought hard and
He covered me.
He held out His hand
And he covered the core of my soul.
“No more!” He said.
“No further!” He commanded.
And He picked up the ruins…
The tattered ruins of
And He cradled me in his arms
My limbs dangling
My body ravaged
My spirit tattered
But my soul, covered by His hand

“I’ve got you baby
I’ve got you
Let me hold you and make you well
Let me heal the devastation in your soul
Let me tend to your wounds
It will take time, my child
Much you have suffered
Much it will take to heal you
But healed you will be
Healed you are
In Me.

Be patient
With yourself
And with others
They may not understand.
But I have set aside a remnant
A few comrades who know first hand
the pain you’ve endured.
They will come along side
And help lift you up, my daughter, my son

Walking will at first be hard
Since your limbs were so weak
But you will regain strength
And be able to walk again
And you will gain more strength
And be able to run again
And you will regain joy
And be able to dance again

Oh thou weary and heavy laden
Come to Me and I will give you rest
And I will give you beauty for your ashes
I will give you the oil of joy for your mourning
And I will replace your heaviness with the ability to praise Me
I will turn your mourning into dancing!
Just you wait and see
I have good things stored up for you
You are my beloved.
You were never alone.
And alone you will never be.”

©  2012″Prayer of the Wounded” by K.D. /


Happy Sunday, friends!
Hope your weekend was full of fun things.
I went to a wine tasting and went out with friends.
Today’s encouragement – Believe in yourself!

Each one of us has something special to give to the world. Into each of us, God has placed gifts and talents that are unique to each of us. Even if you think your talent is “small”, it is not. You do not realize the power your “small” gift has to reach others. So do not think of your ability as insignificant. Your gifts and/or talents can reach people who you’re not even aware of. And if you have a “bigger” or more visible gift, that’s fantastic, too! We’re each called to do unique things.

You may say, “I don’t know what I’m gifted at”. Well, ask those around you – people who know you – what you’re good at. Maybe it’s something you didn’t realize. Whatever you do, don’t listen to negative people.  Surround yourself with supportive people.

So…whether your gift is sewing, writing, encouraging, public speaking, lending a hand to others, giving hugs (you don’t realize how many people in this world need a hug), singing, dancing, producing music or theater, acting, being a ‘greeter’ at church/theater/event,  business, making jewelry, smiling (yes! your smile can bless someone else), a kind word…. the possibilities are endless! So, believe in yourself. Like I said, your gift/talent may bless and reach and touch MANY people who you may never meet, but, because you shared your gift with someone else, maybe they had the courage to go on, to not quit, to start their own dream…. to find their gift.

I want to leave you with a video clip from the 1978 Movie “The Wiz”. In this clip, Glinda the “good witch” (played by Lena Horne), is telling Dorothy (played by Diana Ross), that she’s had what she’s needed all along to find her way back home. She just has to believe in herself. Everyone’s in full costume and very animated, but, listen to the song – listen to the words – and be encouraged to believe in yourself! You’re special!

VIDEO CLIP (please excuse the political ad) –> IF YOU BELIEVE – THE WIZ

Today’s scripture:
Greater love has no one than this, that one lay down his life for his friends. – John 15:13

Toodles ♥


Take a Break

Hello. 🙂
Today’s encouragement is – Take a break!
Sometimes we all get bogged down with the day-to-day duties of life. It happens to all of us at some point. The daily grind of work, family responsibilities, etc. can begin to wear on you mentally, emotionally and physically. Sometimes you may just need a BREAK. We all need to refresh and renew and refuel ourselves from time to time. If we don’t, then we break down…yes, mentally, physically (we may become ill), or emotionally (stressed). So, take care of yourself! Take a break!

You may say, “That sounds nice but I have no time.” Make time. It’s better than ending up in a hospital somewhere because your body breaks down. You can go BIG – and take a major vacation. Or you can go smaller – take a personal vacation day from work, go see a movie, meet up with a friend for a meal, leave work on time & spend time with your family, take some time each day and read a good book… the possiblities are endless.

I personally know when I need a ‘vacation’ day from work when I begin to feel stressed all of the time, or I start missing things that ordinarily I wouldn’t, or I’m feeling burned out. So I’ll take a day off and it does wonders. I use the day to rest or do something I enjoy.

So, take my advice and take a break when you need one. It will have a good ripple effect. 🙂

Toodles. ♥

Try Something New! No Regrets!

My encouragement for you today – try something new!  Why?? Well…why not? There are things that you’ve wanted to do since you were younger. Do them.  Ok, so maybe you wanted to be in little league baseball. And you’re WAY too old for little league now.  But what’s stopping you from signing up for a community league?  Hmmm?

Or maybe you always wanted to be a ballerina.  You’re like “oh no, there’s no way I could do that”.  Ok, maybe you’re past the age where you can become a prima ballerina in the NYC ballet, BUT, you CAN join an adult beginner ballet class.  They have them.  And women of all ages, shapes and sizes attend. 

You’ve always wanted to play guitar?  Take some lessons.  It’s not too late to live your dreams.  And you’re not used up just because you’re getting older.  There’s a 90 year old man in my neighborhood who makes beautiful bracelets (akin to the Pandora bracelets) and sells them to the community.  My uncle, who is also 90 years old, puts together extravagant doll houses and model boats. Meticulous work and it’s gorgeous when he’s done.  So, you’re not washed up and it’s not too late.  It can be your new beginning.

So go ahead, TRY writing that book, start that business, take that class, GO SING KARAOKE, go hang gliding, take flying lessons, go back to school, etc …. You don’t have to break the bank, nor deplete the family savings to try something new.  Maybe start small.  But start.  And if you fail or it doesn’t turn out quite like you planned, at least you TRIED. 🙂 No regrets my friends.

Toodles. ♥

The Quiet

The quiet
so soft
so loud
invading my space
i hear the buzz of lights
chirping of crickets
cars driving down the road
but in my house
it’s dark
and quiet
time for sleep
but i’m not yet tired
the glow
of my computer
staring back at me
while i type
without rhyme
or reason
or time
just random thoughts
on a page
in these moments of quiet
I find myself
contemplating the universe
asking God questions
letting go
of the act i’ve been playing all day
this is the time
I can be myself
i can breathe
i can release
unload … and
sweet dreams

© 2012 “The Quiet” by KD / KD Corner

Life Snippet

I’ve been feeling really “blah” lately. Trying to make sense of my life thus far. Could be a mid-life crisis type thing. Not sure. Anyway, I’ve decided to just ride this one out. Not try to “fix” myself or conform to others’ expectations. There’s a freedom in it. Just being. Letting myself cry when needed. Letting myself wade through feelings and life situations without any grand plan to tidy it up or tie it up neatly in a bow.

I tend to go with that line from the movie Forrest Gump – “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get.” So true. So if I taste a delicious piece, my taste buds have a party, my endorphins kick in, and a smile plasters across my face. These are the good times and happy moments in life. Or, I can taste a piece that sets my taste buds on edge, I frown in the ugliest possible way and spit it out, quickly chasing the bad taste with a glass of water to rinse away the awfulness. These are bad times. The foul taste does go away, but, sometimes it takes longer than others. Sometimes you can “taste” it for days or sometimes it can be eliminated rather quickly. Sometimes there’s an after-taste. But that’s okay. As my mom always says, “This too shall pass”. To that I say “Amen and amen!” God hasn’t left me. He’s not very ‘chatty’ these days, but, He says enough to let me know He’s there. And more often than not, I feel his presence more so than ‘hearing’ his voice.

One of my favorite scriptures is this:

“When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and when you pass through the rivers, they will not sweep over you. When you walk through the fire, you will not be burned; the flames will not consume you. For I am the Lord your God, the holy one of Israel, your Savior….Do not be afraid for I am with you.” Isaiah 43:2-3,5

In other words, tough times will come, but, He won’t let them consume us. He’s with us to help us through. I know I keep repeating this theme, but, it’s not just for you. I need to remind myself of these truths whenever things get hard. Repetition of good things…is …well, a good thing. Here’s a good song by Group 1 Crew & Chris August called, “He Said”. The lyrics say “He said, I won’t give you more than you can take. And I might let you bend, but I won’t let you break. And oh, I will never let you go…that’s what He said.” God may allow us to go through tough stuff, and we may feel like we cannot stand it a minute longer, but, His strength is made perfect in our weakness. When we feel we cannot go on, He provides his supernatural strength to us to help us get to the other side of it. So we’ve no cause to brag on ourselves. Nah. Instead we glory in Him. Amen. Here’s the song –> HE SAID – BY GROUP 1 CREW (featuring CHRIS AUGUST)

Toodles. ♥


Feelings.  Why are we so afraid of them? Is it because they’re unpredictable and sometimes uncontrollable or uncomfortable?  Could be.

It seems that society seems to have the notion that any “bad” feelings are to be hushed, squashed, hidden, gotten rid of quickly. But who came up with the notion that we are to be “happy” 100% of the time?

Who says that to show feeling means you’re weak? Not so. To show your real emotions sometimes takes great courage. Of course, with everything, BALANCE. I’m not advocating being run away with your feelings and living in emotional upheaval all of the time. I’m saying that in life there are seasons. Literal seasons, such as fall, winter, spring, summer. There are cycles, such as day turning to night, turning to day again. Nature is full of seasons and cycles. Why wouldn’t WE go through them as well. Life is a continuous cycle of highs and lows. I like to refer to the ocean tide because it’s such a good example. The tide ebbs and flows. We have to learn to FLOW with life. Our emotions cycle and flow. It’s OK to be sad sometimes or angry or disappointed. Not that you let that take over your whole life and not that you use that as an excuse to harm someone else. No, no. But, you must let yourself cycle through your feelings. Let yourself flow through them.

For instance, if you’ve been through major life changes (death, a break-up, separation or divorce, or perhaps a child moving away from home, physical struggles and the like) you are ALLOWED to feel sad some days. Yes, well-meaning people will always tell you to “cheer up” or “get over it”, or “move on”. But, no. Let yourself cycle through those feelings at your own pace. If you feel sad, let yourself feel sad. If you’re angry about something, take time to figure out what’s behind the anger. Journal about your feelings. Talk to a trusted friend who won’t judge you. Pray. Find a good counselor or mentor to help you work through it. There’s no shame in it. Find what works for you.

Perhaps in some cases, action will be required. For instance, if there is a situation where you are angry because you were treated unfairly, or there is a discrepancy at work, etc. you may need to take proper and cautious steps to resolve whatever the issue may be.  Never be a vigilante.  If you’re dealing with a work or legal issue, proper protocol must be followed. First, try to figure out what the root of your anger is before trying to resolve it.  Sometimes your anger may be rooted in your perception based on a past experiences or personality types.  If you recognize this to be the case, take a fresh look at the person or situation that upset you.  Look with new eyes and see if that person or situation offended you because it reminded you of someone/something else.  Sometimes our perception of another person’s intentions can be influenced by our past. So, take stock of all factors. And if you need assistance to resolve any issue, then ask. Again, nothing to be ashamed of.

And the same idea for other areas that may cause you to feel down, such as daily stress, family issues, or maybe you just had a bad day. It’s okay. Take time when you can be alone to work through it. You’ll know what works best for you.  Try taking a walk in the park or neighborhood, do some exercise, journal, pray, or express yourself through art, poetry or song.  These things may aid in you getting out some negative energy and stress and help you to gain some clarity regarding your feelings.

Some say not to have “pity parties”. But, I disagree. Have your pity party (just don’t make it a never-ending party) :).  Get your feelings out in a healthy way and keep on moving forward. Once you let yourself work THROUGH your feelings you will eventually get back around to the other side of the cycle. Think of it like a pendulum. Our lives are always in motion and always swinging from happiness to sadness, or good day to bad day and everything in between. That’s life. Every day is not “fun” or “happy”, but you can learn to deal with your feelings in an effective way. Stuffing them down or ignoring them only causes them to surface later in other ways…usually unhealthy ones.

Lastly, if you suffer from clinical depression or have other mental health struggles, then never ever be ashamed to get professional help. It doesn’t mean you’re crazy. There is therapy and there are medications that can be prescribed to help you obtain and maintain some balance. Do your homework and have someone you trust to help you with this process. The beautiful thing about living in this day and time is that there are a multitude of resources available to help people in whatever state they’re in & help them to find balance.

God bless you.
Toodles ♥