Prayer of the Wounded

This poem came to my heart. It doesn’t rhyme. Its more like thoughts on a page…rather like a prayer and what I’d imagine God’s answer to be.  Some scripture was quoted and with other things I took poetic license.  But from my heart, this is for all who have ever been wounded by a life changing event, or a series of events or circumstances.  If you’ve ever felt like there was no hope or no reason for your suffering, you’re not alone.  I believe that whatever we endure, we must then turn around and help others. God has not forgotten you, nor has he left you.  I’m sorry for whatever any of you have gone through or are going through. But I hope to provide some comfort in the fact that you are not alone. Others have gone through similar.  Let this “poem” represent a collective heart’s cry for all wounded people and let it be a healing salve and a comfort to you in your time of need.

Prayer of the Wounded

heart, mind, soul.
Like barren, plundered lands.
Run roughshod over.
So deep, it’s buried.
When pricked, when unearthed it’s
I scream!

Heal, Heal, Heal
I say to my soul
The salve is smoothed on
It stings
It gets worse before better.
Bandages, bandages
Change them, reapply salve, wait…

It takes time for deep wounds to heal
Scars are left
Over time, barely visible.
But they bring to remembrance
A Time
A time of gut-wrenching devastation

My soul was plundered
They tried to take it
But I wouldn’t let them.
I fought
I fought hard and
He covered me.
He held out His hand
And he covered the core of my soul.
“No more!” He said.
“No further!” He commanded.
And He picked up the ruins…
The tattered ruins of
And He cradled me in his arms
My limbs dangling
My body ravaged
My spirit tattered
But my soul, covered by His hand

“I’ve got you baby
I’ve got you
Let me hold you and make you well
Let me heal the devastation in your soul
Let me tend to your wounds
It will take time, my child
Much you have suffered
Much it will take to heal you
But healed you will be
Healed you are
In Me.

Be patient
With yourself
And with others
They may not understand.
But I have set aside a remnant
A few comrades who know first hand
the pain you’ve endured.
They will come along side
And help lift you up, my daughter, my son

Walking will at first be hard
Since your limbs were so weak
But you will regain strength
And be able to walk again
And you will gain more strength
And be able to run again
And you will regain joy
And be able to dance again

Oh thou weary and heavy laden
Come to Me and I will give you rest
And I will give you beauty for your ashes
I will give you the oil of joy for your mourning
And I will replace your heaviness with the ability to praise Me
I will turn your mourning into dancing!
Just you wait and see
I have good things stored up for you
You are my beloved.
You were never alone.
And alone you will never be.”

©  2012″Prayer of the Wounded” by K.D. /

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