This Life (a poem)


Sitting in the flicker of the light, though it feels like darkness
Standing strong like a soldier, though you feel like a child
Walking with confidence, though you feel afraid
This is life

Smiling at others, while on the inside you cry
Giving of yourself, while you feel empty
Pouring out your heart, while no one pours back
Share life

Working toward a goal that’s slow coming
Wondering if it’ll ever pay off while you keep hoping
Not giving up while circumstances would certainly say quit
Grab Life

Holding on for a dream come true, it’s coming
Light shines through the cracks, the day is dawning
Long journey through the tunnel, now you see the opening
Breathe Life

Pushing ahead, no looking back
Feeding yourself with a diet of persistence, no giving up
Daring to make dreams come true, carpe diem!
Seize life

Faith that can move mountains, keep believing
Actions that evoke others to dream big, keep inspiring
Joy emitting from your soul, keep loving
Be Life

No matter what you’ve gone through or are yet experiencing, you do not realize how many people you have touched or inspired.
YOU keep going. Keep fighting. Keep creating. Keep loving. Keep helping. Keep blessing. Keep sharing.
Your life is a gift that keeps on giving.


© KD Corner 2013 “THIS LIFE”

photo credit: here

2 responses to “This Life (a poem)”

    1. Thank you!!! God Bless you!

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