How Long…?

girl waiting

Waiting is not my strong suit.  As a matter of fact, I’m awful at it.  Yes, I’ve posted about ‘waiting’ before, but, I need to post again.  It helps me. 🙂

The most annoying thing about waiting is…well…waiting.  Here are some examples:

  • Waiting in line…why can’t they open another line?
  • Waiting to get around the person in front of you who is driving like a turtle…why do they always show up when I’m in a hurry?
  • Waiting for your kids to get out of the bathroom….what in the WORLD could they be doing in there for so long?
  • Waiting for someone you’re picking up…who never comes out of the house on time.
  • Waiting for your food to get done cooking…and even the microwave is too slow, so you take your food out with 3 seconds to spare.

These are every day waits.
How about deeper ones?

  • Waiting on your wayward child to come back home…
  • Waiting for your loved one to come back from Iraq (or other)…
  • Waiting for your divorce to be final after a long, exhausting, depleting journey…
  • Waiting for a girlfriend/boyfriend, wife/husband to come into your life…
  • Waiting for a new job opportunity to open up, since you’ve been searching and searching…
  • Waiting to for the pain to dissipate after the loss/ending of a relationship…

Waiting is hard.  And sometimes the only way to get through it is to GO THROUGH it.

It hurts, it’s annoying, it’s unpleasant and it seems to take FOREVER!!!  It takes you back to being a little kid in the back seat of the car during a long family road trip asking, “Are we THERE yet?” “Is it time yet?”

Maybe you’ve been praying for something and the answer God placed in your heart was not “yes” and not “no”, but instead, “Wait, my child.” Fabulous.  You’re okay with it at first.  You resolve within yourself to wait it out, knowing that in time, the fruition or completion of whatever you’re waiting for will come into being.  So, the days pass…and the weeks…and the months….that turn into years.  Now, you’re getting restless.  And prayers that started out like “God, I trust you. Whatever you want to do is fine with me.  You’re faithful” eventually turn into “Um…God…Are you there? Do you even hear me? Where are you, by the way?  Don’t you care? What’s taking you so long?” 

I know you’ve never prayed like that, but, I have.  All the while God is a loving heavenly father is saying, “patience”. 

Since I’ve been a parent for some years now, I always end up reflecting on this same example with my own children.  Maybe they ask for something special or want to go on a special trip, but, for whatever reason (financial, schedule conflicts, or for a lesson learned) they have to wait.  They don’t understand why waiting is necessary, but, you as the parent know that it is.  You watch them grapple with the idea of waiting and with the amount of time it takes before their request becomes reality.  As a parent, sometimes it’s hard to watch your child wait, but, you know that for whatever reason, it is best and/or necessary.  So it is with God, I believe. He sees and knows all.  He knows that some things, if received too soon, would end up disastrous.  So, we must wait.  At just the right time, it will happen however He sees fit.  Perhaps there are certain things that need to be put in place or removed or altered first.  Perhaps God is working on other people’s hearts … people who will have a direct connection to the fruition of your request.  God is working behind the scenes to put every detail in place.

If you’re waiting for an uncertain outcome, I think it is definitely difficult to trust that God knows what is best, especially if things do not end up turning out as we hope.  It’s a tough place to be.  I wish I could give you an easy solution, but, I cannot.  Trusting God in uncertain circumstances is challenging.  If things turn out favorably, it’s easy to praise God.  If they do not, it’s very hard to understand to trust God.  But, I do know that God cares about you and everything you’re going through.  Even in unfavorable circumstances, He never abandons you.  There are things we may not understand until we come into God’s presence when our lives here are complete. But, I encourage you to get around strong people in the faith to pray with you and help/advise you in this season.  Even seek out quality, professional counseling if needed. Our faith in God is tried in hard times, but, I pray that you come out on the other side of this stronger in your faith than you were before.  And please, allow yourself the space to grieve any painful outcome.  It’s okay to ask God “why?” And if you’re angry with God, he can handle your anger.  The one thing I know is that He will never leave you.  Not now. Not ever. 

If you are waiting for the results or completion or healing from something painful, we must trust that God sees us and knows what we feel.  He is close to the brokenhearted. [Psalm 34:18]  We must remind ourselves that God cares and is indeed near to us, even carrying us in the midst of our pain and will bring us to a place of healing and peace.  But, there tend to be ‘layers’ of healing that we must experience, and layers take time.  Throughout our healing journey, there are important lessons He teaches us.  I have found from my painful experiences that God has brought me closer to himself.  Because of what I experienced, it has allowed me to empathize with others who are going through similar situations, where I wouldn’t have been able to empathize before.  And so, God helps me to reach out and plant seeds of healing and love into others’ lives.  There’s a part in the Bible that says God “…comes alongside us when we go through hard times, and before you know it, he brings us alongside someone else who is going through hard times so that we can be there for that person just as God was there for us.” [2 Corinthians 1:4 MSG version].  

So, we must continue to wait and trust.  But always remember that you are never alone in your waiting or your trial.  There are always other people who are going through similar situations.  It helps if we link up with others to keep each other encouraged.  This outlet (WordPress) is one good way (among many) to connect with others and gain support.  There are other outlets such as social media (which can be used for good), support groups, church groups, etc.  So, please be encouraged.  Let the smile return to your face and let the hope return to your heart!  Whatever you’re waiting for will happen in God’s timing and in His way.  He is watching over you and will never abandon you.  He has good plans for you.  [Jeremiah 29:11]

67 responses to “How Long…?”

  1. Patience is indeed so cruel!!! It looks like you have anxiety problems like me and many others. 😀 Maybe you should learn to laugh at “waiting”, that’s what I do esp. the grandma’s and grandma wannabe’s on the road. 😆

    1. Thanks for your comment. I will try laughing at the slow drivers. Take care!

  2. This is very encouraging KD and certainly lives up to your blog’s sub title “A little corner of the web where you can find some hope.” When I first saw that, I was reminded of a song I learned many years ago in Sunday School, Brighten the corner where you are, and this is exactly what you are doing. May you always be inspired by The One.

    1. Thank you, Lyn! That encouraged me so much!! Needed that today! 🙂

  3. Hey…this is such a wonderful topic… Liked the different forms of “WAIT” you have compiled.. & everything jotted here so realistic, I believe almost everyone around the world goes through these situations.
    At times, we loose patience, at times we get irritated, at times we get fed-up, at times we get disheartened.. there are really different types of waits & different types of reactions & feeling associated with them.
    And it is really a lesson to be learnt that at some point of time, we are supposed to wait for something or the other..we should maintain calm & understand the fact that world will move at its own pace.

    1. Thank you! I agree with your comments. Thank you for reading and sharing! 🙂

  4. Very good blog. I hope you don”t mind, I am going to reblog this. Hugs, Barbara

    1. Thank you! I don’t mind at all! Hugs!

  5. Reblogged this on idealisticrebel and commented:
    Some wonderful thoughs on the process of waiting.

  6. ❤ thank you ever so much! i'm walking "through" a divorce and for some reason it's very difficult in this moment… i needed to hear all that you've shared here and i feel it's strengthened me. again, thank you. 🙂

    1. I’m so glad. My heart goes out to you. All you can do sometimes is take it Day by day, and sometimes moment by moment. But God is supporting and holding you through the whole thing. Big hugs!

      1. … thank you 🙂 BigHugs…

  7. It’s like you wrote this just for me and my circumstances! I very much needed to hear this and the reminder about waiting for God’s timing. It is so very difficult sometimes but I know that in the meantime I’m learning and growing. Thank you for writing this and I’m sure it’s helping many others as well. God Bless You.

    1. coffeediva, thank you! i’m so blessed by this community and the beautiful responses. it helps me to be able to use writing to work through the tough spots, and to have people who rally with me and who understand. God bless you!

  8. Amen! A truly terrific and true post. Blessings to you!

    1. Thank you! Blessings to you as well!

  9. Yes, I too, am among the waiting. Thank you for such an encouraging message.

    1. Thank you for your comment! We’ll wait together! 🙂 Hugs!

  10. Thank you I am waiting for healing from long term health issues.
    Often I think when will it come but at others I can just wait.
    This reminds me why I need to wait on the Lords time.
    I have rebloged.

    1. Chris, thank you for the reblog. Thank you for stopping by. Praying with you. God bless you. 🙂

  11. **You said such a mouthful here & nailed IT! Especially @ Whatever you’re waiting for will happen in God’s timing and in His way. He is watching over you and will never abandon you. He has good plans for you. [Jeremiah 29:11]…

    YES he IS watching over us and will never, ever abandon us..And furthermore HIS plans for us?!? I’m a witness that HIS plans are always, and I mean always, FAR more than our plans. FAR more than anything we ever could’ve anticipated or prayed for. Personally? I’m right smack in the “process” of one of GOD’s plans. Mayhaps, no for the first time in my entire life I walked out on faith. I walked out on a wish, a dream, and literally “a prayer” . Doing so led me over 3,000 miles from a place I’d grown to love/cherish for 20 years…To say I was afraid to make such a move is an understatement. At my age beginning completely over was a horrifying thought to me. BUT 16 months later? It was the BEST decision of my entire life..just letting go and letting GOD take the reins is not an easy task; but it IS so worth it. It has strenghtened my FAITH in countless ways. I don’t just believe I BELIEVE. And oh! how long I’d waited & waited & waited for things to just feeeeeel right. So here I am. Waiting for the one last desire of my heart….Oddly enough I just and I mean JUST wrote about it when I blogged 2 nights ago@LoverLESS Valentines Day. And then I saw your blog re-blogged on my reader list. I truly NEEDED to read this. So I thank you and I thank the person who re-blogged this on my reader list…Isn’t it awesome the many ways GOD works?! Who knew I needed to read this. I know , in my heart of hearts, that my last husband is going to find ME soooon. And it will make all of this waiting for him worth it. You’ve got a new follower….Stay UPlifted & blessed 🙂

    1. I am a first time visitor and found your post inspiring! Waiting for me is not a problem however allowing God to take control is nearly impossible because I’m so much better than the One who created heaven & earth. Such arrogance on my part but yet God never leaves me in spite of my foolish thinking. Oh what a wonderful friend we have in Him! Sincerely Nancy

      1. Nancy, I can totally relate to that. 🙂 God is continually working on me to trust HIS plan. So difficult sometimes but I’m getting there. Thank you for sharing! So glad he loves each and every one of us and never leaves us alone. 🙂

    2. bernasvibe – I’m overwhelmed with love and joy as I read your comment. Thank you! Thank you for sharing of yourself and hence, encouraging ME! I cannot wait to hear/see what more God does in, through and for you! God bless you & YOU stay UPlifted too!

      1. * Was my pleasure to read you..and you gained a new follower 🙂

    3. ❤ how magnificently beautiful bernasvibe! you spoke the truth of my heart and for this i thank you. 🙂

      1. **I loved the message and couldn’t help but to comment..@HE has good plans for you; but one must remain patient to get there…It IS the waiting that is so hard for some of us(if not all of us..) I’m SO there lol! Will check back often to ride/read your vibe…

  12. what a MOST INSPIRED and INSPIRING response bernasvibe! my FAITH is strengthened and i do believe in waiting for that which God has intended for me… that perfect and right relationship/husband that is perfect and right in the eyes of The Divine. i shall remain UPlifted & blessed. thank you. 🙂

  13. That picture of the little girl is absolutely adorable. I love it! Yes,waiting is hard. I waited for 6 years for my prodigal son to return and he has and I am still rejoicing…And I have been waiting for my 4 daughters to marry…each waiting on God for His perfect will…and they are now all in their 30s…So many things I do not understand…Such an encouraging post. Thank you!

    1. shadowlilies – i too have a son i’m praying for. you have given ME hope. 🙂 you’ve raised wonderful daughters because they delight to wait on God’s perfect will. praying for you & waiting with you. God bless.

  14. Love it, how true the words. God Bless.

    1. Thank you! God bless you!

  15. I typed a case study for a doctral degree in counseling once. I noticed that the first step the counselor took was always, always, “give them hope.” On another note, my children turned out to be very conversational while waiting in line. I always talk to the person ahead of me or behind me. It passes the time and perhaps gives them a glimpse of how to help others by just being friendly. I tutor and after picking up a student from school one day I stopped by a store on the way home. My student said, Ms K, did you know that person? I said, “No.” To which he said, “Well, you sure were friendly.” I took that as a compliment!

    1. Being friendly is so important! God bless you!

  16. Thank you for this. I was having a bit of trouble and you have encouraged me. I also want you to know that I have blogged about you today, I started doing blog reviews and I started with yours. Thanks for stopping by my blog so often. Have a great day.

    1. Thank you Correna!! 🙂 You have a great day as well!

  17. What an incredible gift you have in writing. Thank you for your inspirational words. I, too, have been going through a period of waiting. In my case, with some health issues and many prayers of where my life is to lead now. At times I pray with humor…Lord please give me patience, and if I can’t have patience, please give me Grace. God is good…and amazing in all the gifts He has given us. The best way for me to pass the time while waiting has been through humor, through helping others, and through recognizing all the wonderful blessings He has given me.

    1. Patty O, thank you for your comment. Your words are encouraging to me. I am uplifted by your kind words. I have to remember to implement humor. Sometimes I get a bit grumpy. …dont tell anyone 😉 Helping others is definitely key. If I can take the focus off of myself that’s half the battle. Stay encouraged! Big hugs to you!!

      1. Thank you so very much for the hugs! I’m a hugger so I appreciate it! And yes, I too need to remember to take the focus off my own health issues – so getting out and helping others does me, my body and soul good!

  18. Hello! I wanted to nominate you for The Very Inspiring Blogger Award! Go to for rules and a list of nominees, including yourself! 🙂

    Keep writing, I really do enjoy reading what you have to say! God Bless!

    1. Thank you so much! God bless!

  19. Thank you, KD for reminding us of the hope that we have in the Lord. My life verse has been Isaiah 40:31,

    but those who hope in the Lord
    will renew their strength.
    They will soar on wings like eagles;
    they will run and not grow weary,
    they will walk and not be faint.

    May the Lord renew your strength and give you hope that you will not grow weary or faint but that you will soar on wings like eagles.

    1. Ahh, thank you possesshispromises. I very much needed that today! God bless!

      1. May the Lord continue to bless youo as you rest in His love. Karen

        1. Thank you Karen! You as well. 🙂

  20. Thank you for the encouragement. Reaffirmation is just as important as new truth. I, for one, need it!

  21. Waiting, especially when you think you have done everything humanly possible- prayed, cried, fasted, gave vows- and it just seems to linger on forever. Like you said, there’s no easy way. But in those times, Phil 4:6-7 keeps me going:

    “6 Be careful for nothing; but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God. 7 And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.”

    His peace always helps me wait through the storm.

    1. This is a wonderful scripture to reply with!!! I felt a sweet spirit move over me when I read it!!! Take Care and God Bless 🙂 Kenny T

    2. dhackdheolu – Yes, yes indeed I agree! THANK YOU for posting that scripture. It is one I come back to again and again. Waiting with you! God bless.

  22. Wow, just what I needed to hear. To the point and very encouraging.

  23. My husband and I have been waiting for a long time now to conceive a child. It is a painful journey but I know God is tellins us to have patience. This was timely.

    1. Thank you so much your comments. 🙂 Will be praying with you. God bless.

  24. Just remember, as you wait on God, He waits on you. He is patient with you more than you are patient with Him.

  25. There is another part of waiting, when you wish that waiting is what you could be doing instead.

    A long time ago, I worked the night shift. I would walk for miles every night in empty buildings, eat alone or in a restaurant, usually on a completely different schedule than everyone else I saw. (Example: I used to eat dinner at 8:00 am at our local diner.)

    One morning, as I was driving home, I felt only slightly tired but dazzled by the bright sunlight on a cold day. It was still Early February and it was the first time I’d seen the sun in a very long while. I drove past a nice big metro park with a lake you could see from the freeway, and I resolved to take a walk there before heading to bed.

    I decided to walk around a lake, to see it’s beauty from every angle. I resolved to be as close to the shore as I could manage. After a while I left the path, but I did not worry, I was a good woods woman. I could handle it.

    Before long I hit a swamp. It was entirely frozen, a slick rumpled sheet of frozen mud, yet every branch and tuft of grass was bedecked with glittering diamonds of ice. I tested it somewhat, and discovered that it was like walking across a slick wood floor. I was wearing good solid boots with thick treads, so I wouldn’t slip. I decided it would hold my weight– it felt as solid as those 3 inch slabs of ice I’d seen on the water, and walked across earlier. Besides, it would take too long to
    walk around.

    Well… I got _almost_ across a stretch of open water in the swamp when the ice gave way and I fell in. I lost half of my coat, my shoes, cell phone, and my car keys. Fortunately, I hadn’t noticed my car keys yet. I gasped and struggled and eventually managed to half/wade, half dog paddle across the area to the steep bank on the other side. I climbed out with bare feet, because my socks were cold, muddy, sodden and useless, I tossed them away.

    It was well below freezing, I think they said it was -2 degrees with wind chill, but 10 without. I did not know this either. But I still had a hat, and a soaked ripped coat. I tossed off the coat, but put my work blazer on over my sweater. I walked for three miles on gravel barefoot, knowing I _had_ to get back to my car, or I would lay down and give up.

    I refused to even think about resting, though I was really starting to feel my exhaustion, from having been awake for the last 17 hours. But to move forward I had to walk in a very strange way– moving my toes and every part of my feet constantly, making less progress, but managing to stay something like warm. Eventually I got used to it, and it was like waiting in motion… moving forward, but barely even aware of how I was feeling, just keeping the effort constant in my desire to move closer to my car.

    Strangely I was under so much stress that I wasn’t even really thinking about God, but it never occurred to me to think about failure. I just knew I couldn’t stop no matter what. Though I feel as though I had an angel coaching me to keep moving, because there were no doubts in my mind at all about what needed to be done– and this was one situation I had not been prepared for yet.

    Alas, the thoughts of God did occur to me when I reached my car– and discovered that my wrecked coat had both pockets split in half. Everything in my pockets– my 3 in knife, my lip balm, my keys, my phone, my lotion– all at the bottom of that swamp. I was certainly in no shape to go back for them. Every exposed part of my body was chapped and dry. My lips were bleeding. I was about to give up, when a voice called out to me. I turned around, and a woman stood there, who worked for the park. She was looking at me with wide eyes, and she was crying.

    Moved to compassion I moved over to her. We sat next to each other at the park bench. (She wasn’t allowed to let me into her truck.) I asked her what was wrong. She looked at me as if I was insane. “You! I thought… God did not give people anything but what they can handle, but _look_ at you!” she cried.

    I was startled. I looked down. It was hard for me to believe, but I looked even worse than I felt. “But, I’m alive.” I told her. “If I hadn’t been able to get out of that lake, or if I’d broken my ankle, _then_, well, I guess God would have to save me in a more final way.” I said to her. The idea of her loosing faith terrified me more than having to call my boyfriend from work to rescue me. Or even spending the rest of the day in that park without heat.

    She looked at me in wonder. “You can say that? When… forgive me, _how_ long have you been walking?”

    I told her, and said, “But it really doesn’t matter. I’m here now, and we can do something about my situation. Bring someone here who can help me, and then, well, things will get better for me than they are now. Because, well, I’m cold.”

    She looked embarrassed, but a light was in her eyes that wasn’t there before. I think, it was hope. She dashed to her truck and retrieved the park ranger. Because her radio had no reception in the remote area I was in, she had to go find him. Honestly, standing in front of my locked car while she went to get him was the worst of the waiting, because it was so much colder than knowing I was fighting for my life.

    He did come. And he made me walk more, outside, on more gravel, because while Id’ been waiting Id been standing still, and my feet had gotten too cold. But after he finally washed my feet in tepid water to thaw them, there was no frost bite. Even a seasoned park ranger, who’d been a green beret before his metro park job, was amazed.

    “I saw the waxy whiteness on your toes. You should now have frost bite, but I see no damage or evidence it was here. You are one lucky woman. You did everything right. If you had stopped for one moment along the trail the way you were, just to rest or wait for rescue, you would have gotten sleepy because of the extreme cold. You would have wanted to lay down, and you would have fallen asleep, then… I would have found your body when the ground thaws.”

    I guess I’m saying that some times waiting is hard work, and it is worth doing, even if you have to wait the hard way. Have a goal though waiting, even if it doesn’t work out, it can still save your life, and your faith.

    Also, I got into this stupid situation all because I was impatient, and impaired, making terrible decisions because I was tired and too proud to admit it to myself. So patience and prudence would have avoided the whole situation. But, with my flaws, I did discover that miracles can happen to anyone. Grace comes from gratis. (Gratis is latin for “for free.”)

    PS. This is not just a story. It is %100 true.

    1. Wow, thank you for taking the time to share your amazing story with me. I’m very encouraged and I thank you. ❤

      1. Stories are given to be shared. Glad to be of service. 🙂

  26. […] this sigh was filled with hope and great faith but often it was not.  I often sighed in sadness.  Frustrated that another year had passed with my dream of biological motherhood yet to be fulfilled.  But even in my sadness there was […]

  27. […] this sigh was filled with hope and great faith but often it was not.  I often sighed in sadness. Frustrated that another year had passed with my dream of biological motherhood yet to be fulfilled.  But even in my sadness there was […]

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