Ask Yourself…Then Act


What inspires you?
Think about it.
What prompts you to WANT to change or WANT to do something different?
And do you follow through on the notion?
Or do you talk yourself out of it every time?
Are you ‘once bitten, twice shy’?
Are  you afraid to try something new again because you’ve gotten burned before?
Or are you afraid of failure?
OR….are you afraid of success?
What is your ‘kryptonite’?
What causes you to be sucked back into the vortex of your comfort zone?
Why do you choose doing the same thing you’ve always done and expect a different result?
Why are you comfortable with your dysfunctional baggage? Because it’s familiar? Is it helping you?
When are you going to say enough is enough?!
When are you going to go for it?!
Are you ALWAYS going to make excuses why you can’t or why it’s too hard?
Do you want to look back on your life and have regrets?
What will you do to spark change?
What will be your catalyst for change?
WHEN do you get up off of your excuses and DO something?
How/when/where will you step OUT of your comfort zone and dare to dream big?
Your big dream may be different from someone else’s, so do you let that scare you?
Are you always comparing yourself to others and then telling yourself you can’t do it?
Do you realize that you don’t have to listen to irrational doubts and fears?
Do you let failure defeat you?
Do you try and try again?
Do you come up with a new dream, a new plan when plan A doesn’t work out?
Do you keep stretching yourself to grow?
Don’t you realize you’re amazing?
Don’t you know that someone needs what you have to give?
Don’t you realize that your gift is needed in this world?
Don’t you see how unique and special you really are?
Don’t you think you’re worth it? Worth trying?
Ask yourself…Then Act.

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Disclaimer – Never do something that’s going to hurt you or someone else. Don’t break the law or harm anyone or thing. This post is about following dreams & doing healthy, legal and good things.

8 responses to “Ask Yourself…Then Act”

  1. “Are you afraid to try something new again because you’ve gotten burned before?”- I can relate with this particular one. I once got a rejection for something and it cost me a little and so I’ve always given an excuse every time another opportunity comes up

    1. Adeolu, thank you for responding. 🙂 I think its normal to feel this way. And I think we’ve all shied away from things after facing rejection. But, you have so much to give, so I hope you try again. I see from your posts that you are a mighty man of God with great faith. I believe you will not let anything stop you this time. 🙂

      1. Thank you KD. “That I may know Him…”

  2. “Don’t you know that someone needs what you have to give?”
    “Don’t you realize that your gift is needed in this world?” (or church or community)

    The worst feeling is when you have a great idea and you put it before the church deacons or other team leaders and they shoot you down in flames. That can be especially hard if it’s not going to cost them anything because you will be doing all the work and covering the small expense yourself. What do you do? Do you shrug, give up and walk away or you can pray for guidance, or you can rebel and go ahead and do it anyway? In my case, I chose prayer and rebellion 😀

    1. yay Lyn! If you know God has given you something and it is not received where you present it, find another way. That’s just my personal opinion. If God gives you something, He will show you how to make it happen. Kudos!

  3. I can relate to not seeing how unique or special I am. Just the other day I was “lecturing / pep talking” my mom. Telling her she doesn’t need to feel guilty our bad about the mistakes she feels she made in raising me because I thought she was absolutely amazing. I asked her this very question, “don’t you see how wonderful you are?” It made her stop and think. Then in the next breath I was telling her how inadequate I was feeling about a challenging situation in my life and she got this wry smile on her face and said, “I’ll give you the same lecture… Don’t you see how amazing you truly are?” This has left quite an impression on me and your post brought it back to the front of my mind again. God created us and sometimes I think we forget the divine potential that is ours merely because we are his creations! Thanks for your post, it truly touched me!

    1. Stina, may I say that you are a truly amazing woman. I read some of your blog and OMGosh I’m so impressed. You are an inspiration and a GIANT in the faith. So yes, I agree with your mom, “Don’t you see how AMAZING you truly are?” Most people may not go through even half of what you have. Your blog reminds me to be thankful. And your faith encourages me to stay strong. God bless you and thank you for your blog and for taking the time to comment on mine. xoxo. I’m posting your blog on my personal fb page.

      1. Thank you for your compliments and kind words! I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog. Your perspective and faith have brought me strength during hard times as well! I feel honored that you would take the time to read and share my blog with others. God bless you as well in your faith and for all that you do to help others through your blog! You too are truly amazing!

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