You Are NOT Forgotten


I’ve been having a rough few days. What about you? Well, if you ‘feel me’ (understand / can relate), then this is for you. In the midst of my discouragement I really sensed as if God was impressing upon me the following:

-Don’t be discouraged
-Have faith!
-You are not forgotten

He brought back to mind a song by Israel Houghton:
Picked me right up!
God is awesome like that.
He is a very present help in time of need.

So, with that being said, here is today’s poem. And at the end is the link for the song I mentioned.

You Are Not Forgotten- by K.D.

Bowed down
Crouched down
Burdened down
Looking down
Weighed down
By life’s trials and troubles and such
Feeling as if
Your body, you cannot straighten
Your burden, you can’t bear
Your weight, you cannot carry
Your gaze, you cannot lift
Crying out to God
For relief
Does he hear?
Does he care?
Deep within you know the answer
But it doesn’t relieve the pain of the moment
It doesn’t quell the cries radiating from your soul
And then
As if on cue
A ray of light
Shines on the ground
So that even in your hunched over state
You can see it
It reminds you that light does exist
And it dares lift your gaze to its source
You begin to look up toward the Light
It reminds you that
There is a sky
There are birds flying and chirping their melodies
There are trees waving in the breeze
There is life all around you
There are people around you
And You are not alone
What’s more
You are not forgotten
Even in your bent over condition
God met you there
He shone his light
In a place where you could see it
And reminded you
He is here
He has not forgotten you
Though your trials seem endless
They do have a resolution
Your labor is not in vain
Your faith is not in vain
Your hope has a purpose
Your dreams are not dead
Your prayers have not fallen on deaf ears
You are loved beyond measure
You are going to make it through this to the other side
And when you do
Remember to praise God
Remember to pay it forward
Your trials are not for you alone
They are for you to reach back your hand and
Help others forward

Video Link – I Am Not Forgotten – by Isreal & New Breed  It’s upbeat – so get ready to dance along 🙂

© 2013 KD Corner – “You Are Not Forgotten” Blog / Poem

photo credit: “mantasmagorical”

9 responses to “You Are NOT Forgotten”

  1. Truly timely and life-saving!

    1. Thank you! I’m so glad! God bless 🙂

  2. YOU are such a blessing…and your poem speaks to my soul. You are most definitely not forgotten. And I am thankful for your words and for the faithfulness of our Father to provide comfort in those desperate moments. xx L

    1. lmw, my dear, thank you! HUGE HUGS to you today!!! Thank you for reading and commenting. Your comments encourage me. ❤

  3. Love the poem. It reminds me of the many times I have sat still before God being quiet and listening to all the noise in my head, and then finally when I really get still, that noise stops in my head and I begin to hear the birds singing and a beautiful world opens up…a knowing of God and His peace. I love how you expressed this.

    1. shadowlilies, thank you!! I love your comment. Yes, I can totally relate. God is so amazing and sometimes uses the simplest things to make the most profound statements. I once saw a hummingbird outside of a window when I lived out west. I was living with a friend at the time, and was deeply discouraged wondering when things would get better. that hummingbird reminded me of God’s awesomeness and attention to intricate details and I was blessed.

  4. Ahhh one of my daily doses of encouragement! King David knew a lot about discouragement, and like you, KD, he called out to God. He used his experiences as a shepherd when he was a young boy and teen, to pen some of the psalms. Your blog is like that KD; a modern version of Psalms to encourage us.

    1. Lyn, I’m honored & humbled that you even compared my blog to the Psalms of King David. I give God all credit. Thank you sooo much for your encouragement. I love reading the encouraging comments that I receive. how are you?

      1. I’m doing good KD, almost have my MS completely edited thanks to my amazing editor and beta reader.

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