I normally do not comment on ‘hot button topics’ or political or legal matters. I have my views and I quietly hold to them. If asked, I will share my views, but, I normally do not publicize them. In this case, I will share my thoughts because I am compelled to do so.

This morning I woke up to my newsreel (i.e. Facebook) and I was informed that in the case of Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman was found “not guilty”. Whether you agree or disagree with this verdict is your affair. But, here are my thoughts.

I am deeply hurt and disappointed at what I feel is the lack of justice in this instance. An unarmed teen, who was on his way home, and not up to any tomfoolery, was followed and confronted by a man who was not a police officer because he appeared ‘suspicious’. The man was told by police to leave the area, leave the young man alone. However he chose to create a situation that did not have to be. We do not have video surveillance of the incident, and therein lies the conundrum that is – the word of the living vs. the word of the dead. And what cannot go unnoticed is the elephant in the room, that being the race of the victim and of the perpetrator. I will not go into all of that. But, I will say that I believe this is definitely part of the package.  In America it is said that you are “innocent until proven guilty”. These days it seems that unfortunately, it is not always the case that the innocent are found innocent and the guilty are proven guilty. It depends on what type of lawyer you are able to afford and if he/she is ‘good’ at his/her job. What precedence does this set for future cases of young men and young ladies who look ‘suspicious’ based on their apparel and/or race?

To Trayvon Martin’s family, my deepest and heartfelt sympathies to you. You will be in my prayers. This nation and our nation’s justice system will be in my prayers.

I will also be praying for George Zimmerman. Why? We all need prayer. God says if we pray only for our loved ones, then aren’t we just like everyone else? Shan’t we also pray for our ‘enemies’ or those we do not like or agree with? Yes, we should and shall.

Regarding judgement in THIS case, and in the case of Casey Anthony and so many others where the general consensus is that justice was not served… I place my hope in God’s justice. His word says the following:

Deuteronomy 32:35 (ISV) – To me [God] belong vengeance and recompense. In due time their feet will slip, because their time of calamity is near and the things prepared for them draw near.

Romans 12:19 (NIV) – Do not take revenge my dear friends, but leave room for God’s wrath, for it is written, “It is mine to repay,” says the Lord.

God knows.
You are free to agree or disagree. I only ask that if you comment, your comments be tasteful and respectful, or else they will be deleted.
God bless.

© 2013 “Trayvon” by KD / KD Corner

4 responses to “Trayvon”

  1. @”” What precedence does this set for future cases of young men and young ladies who look ‘suspicious’ based on their apparel and/or race?”….>> IT sets an ugly , scary precedence! For parents of Black sons? Three (3) of them to be precise..Two of them honor roll college students..Eldest months away from being the 1st in our family(on all sides) to attain his Doctorate..I’m not fearful of alot of things for I am prayed UP..But our justice system? Frightens the living crap! out of me for my Black sons..I know my Father God looks over all his loved children and on this day my prayers are with Trayvon’s mother..I simply can NOT imagine, nor do I want to, what it must feeeeeel like as a Mother to sit and hear the words NOT GUILTY; when in her heart of hearts I feel she knows her son IS innocent. Murdered down like a dog in the streeeeeet. OMG I can’t believe the best of the best attorneys did NOT rush to defend this child..This child! whose parents couldn’t afford to BUY justice for their son. Is it only the rich who can afford to get justice here? I love my country but there was things! and this is one of them that I am not proud of. Shame , shame, shameful. Heart sick today because I stood on Faith this wouldn’t/couldn’t happen!

    1. My heart is also sick. Thank you for your comment bernasvibe. Thank you.

      1. Thank you KD for sharing your thoughts/your love/your heart in your words..Always..This is so personal a situation..I didn’t realize the depth of how personal until I heard the verdict. Writing on it now & fighting back years of tears. Years of worrying about my own sons..Just wanting them to be SEEN based on their own merit; and not discriminated against for the color of their skin..I’ve got 3 Black sons..None of which has a criminal record..2 of which have always been honor roll students..2 of which are currently honor roll college students..1 who will have his PHD this coming May..1 of which will have his Bachelors in 2 yrs and then onto his Masters..1 of which is an excellent artist ! He can draw you if you sit still long enough..His creativity is limitless..2 of my sons enjoy wearing hoodies from time to time..1 of those hoodies bears the name of a TOP ranked American University..Never in all of my days; did I think I’d tell my sons to NOT wear a hoodie..But I did today. And I meant it. I am that desperate. I’d have been hurt for ANY child of any color, innocent, to be gunned down. I don’t understand how that jury of women didn’t feel the same way. I read your blog often for uplifting thoughts..Shame today we have to speak on such sadness..But this is my reality today.

        1. I send you a virtual embrace. A big one. I mourn with you and my heart also feels your angst. God sits on the throne. And some days, that is the only thing that keeps me with hope. ❤ Sounds like you have wonderful sons!

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