The Path of a Dream Fulfilled


Life happens…
While waiting for your dream
Don’t lose hope
Through twists & turns unforeseen

There are moments you’ll question everything you’ve known
But hold fast
To the dream that was sewn

A big dream planted deeply
Into heart, spirit and mind
A seed well watered
With patience, care and time

There will be bumps in the road
You’ll be tempted to quit
There will be a variety of tests
That don’t make sense one bit

But stand strong, go through
It’s ok to cry your tears
But keep moving forward
Press on, switch mental gears

Keep remembering
That those trials and tests
Will reveal areas that need improved
and also bring out your best

Your dream has an appointed time
Though it seems to be making you wait
All things must be put into proper place
Right on time, It will not be late.

So stand strong soldier
Withstand the drought and the rain
Dream big, dreamer
Your dream is not in vain

It will all come together
When it’s supposed to
And because you’ve endured
You can bless others, too.

© 2013 KD Corner / KD

2 responses to “The Path of a Dream Fulfilled”

  1. Good-One!!!

    Take Care and God Bless 🙂 Kenny T

    1. Thanks Kenny-T! Blessings!

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