Timing & Trust

Waiting on God’s timing is so important. Even if He seems to be taking too long, He’s not. Keep trusting in Him.
He is the Great Orchestrator. He knows how cause the right situation or opportunity to come together at just the right time with the right people involved. He knows all of the details.

Ecclesiastes 3:1 – For everything there is a season, a right time for every intention under heaven. (CJB)

Habakkuk 2:3 – For the vision is meant for its appointed time; it speaks of the end, and it does not lie. It may take a while, but wait for it;
it will surely come, it will not delay. (CJB)

Isaiah 30:21 – And your ears will hear a word behind you, saying, This is the way; walk in it, when you turn to the right hand and when you turn to the left. (AMP)

John 10:27 – My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me. (KJV)

Isaiah 55:8-9 – For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the Lord. For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts. (KJV)

Proverbs 3:5-6 – Trust God from the bottom of your heart; don’t try to figure out everything on your own. Listen for God’s voice in everything you do, everywhere you go; he’s the one who will keep you on track. (MSG)

Psalm 31:15a – My times are in your hand;

Here is a good article to encourage you as well:

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Just Thoughts


Short one today.  Sorry I’ve been gone for a bit. I’m back.  I’m finding that writing, for me, is cyclical.  So, maybe the apology isn’t necessary, but, the explanation is still given. 🙂

I know many of you out there in blog-land aren’t believers in or followers of Jesus Christ and the Bible.  But, I’m glad to know you …and I’m glad to be able to have this medium through which I can share my faith and my thoughts. Whether you agree with them or not I’m still glad you read.

I think it’s very cool how Christ can reach into our lives in quite unexpected ways.  I think we can tend to get very bogged down in traditional ideas and ways in which we expect Christ to work in someone’s heart.  Nothing wrong with some tradition.  But, I also like how creative our Lord is.  And I love how patient He is with us.

When we’re lost in our arrogance of thought and our superiority of intelligence (although some don’t consider that lost), He can come into our lives in such an unsuspecting way and blow our minds with something so simple, yet profound.

If  you’ve never prayed to Christ of the Bible, take a chance, if it’s in your heart to do so, and just have a small chat with Him.  Even if it’s “Jesus if you’re real, show me.”  He will.  It may not be at that split second, but, keep your eyes and ears open.  Keep your heart receptive.

One thing about Him is that He’s not an amalgamation of several religions or belief systems. He is unique unto himself.  And He never does anything in disagreement with his own words and teachings in the Bible.  But, even if you don’t know a lot about that yet, that’s okay.  Baby steps.  And, remember…you’re free not to believe these things.  This is just a suggestion if it’s on your heart.

Just my thoughts.

♥ Toodles,


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Keep The Faith!


I’m telling you…
Is like a box of chocolates
You never know what you’re going to get

Yes, sweet
There are those moments
Where you taste the perfect taste
Of your favorite chocolate treat
And it melts on your tongue
Sweet bliss

Yes, bitter
When you bite that piece
That offends your taste buds
Causes your brow to furrow
And you want to spit it out
But it takes time
For the aftertaste to go away

Keep the faith!

Life cycles around
Like the seasons
Some winters may be more harsh
And some may be mild
Some summers may be picture perfect
And some may be short lived

It rains in autumn
It rains in the spring
Yet in autumn and spring,
There can also be
Brilliant foliage
Blooming flowers

Keep the faith!

You will make it through this
Weeping may endure for a ‘night’ season,
But joy comes in the ‘morning’ season.

© 2014 KD Corner / “Keep The Faith!”

I’m In Awe


I’m so in awe.
Well, I’ll tell you.
I know everyone who reads this doesn’t necessarily have the same outlook or beliefs and that’s okay.
But, here’s my story…

I’m continually in awe of God. It never fails in my life that God does something awesome at the exact time that I need it.
A long while ago, I spoke of a cleaning person who works at my place of employment. I should say – a cleaning person cleverly disguised as an encourager. What she had to say to me today, I needed to hear. You see, I’ve been having some tough personal times. (i.e. Single mom raising teens. ‘Nuff said.) My personal faith is Christian. I don’t try to force it on anyone. But, I like to tell my life experiences in hopes that I can help or encourage someone else.

Anywho, as any parent, I want the best for my kids. Funny thing is…when you’re a kid, you think you know it all. Do you remember thinking that you were invincible? Yep, that was me. Do you remember thinking that your parents didn’t know squat? Yep, me. Do you remember being a “jive turkey” (as my grandpa used to say) when you were so full of yourself and needed taking down a peg or two? Yep, I remember. Then at some point in your late teens, early 20’s your brain returns to you and you realize you were being a jerk most of the time without even realizing it. You just thought you were “normal”.  You then begin to appreciate and respect your parents. THEN one day in the future….(insert scary music)…you become a parent yourself and when talking to your kids, you’re like “OMG I sound like my mother/father/grandma (whomever raised you)”. You have this epiphany when you realize via your own kids’ behavior, how you must’ve treated your own parents. Yuuup…since becoming a parent I’ve called my mom and apologized a few times. She laughed this laugh as if to say, “Now you understand.” Indeed. Now I understand. And the teen years… are their own animal. Period.

During the teen years your kids are trying to figure out who they are, assert independence and break from the mold, all the while with hormones making their moods change constantly. The mood swings are … yowzers! At this phase, as a parent, you often feel as though you’re trying to navigate a mine field with a blindfold on. You want your kids to grow up to become good citizens, responsible adults and all around good people who make good choices. The reality, I’m finding is that, unless you have the uncommonly “golden” child, you WILL go through some twists and turns as you’re trying to help your child make it through the unstable land of teen-ville to the hopefully more steady land of young adult-ville.

Mistakes will be made on both sides. It’s inevitable. And I’m learning that as your children make mistakes, you need to learn to let them take responsibility for the consequences. I’m also learning that as a parent, you can teach your children all of the “right” things to do, but, that doesn’t mean they’ll necessarily do them. And it’s not necessarily a reflection on you as a parent.

Good times, right?

Well, how does the cleaning person fit into this story? Glad you asked. As I sat at my desk while on a break at work, reading a parenting book, I was thinking about how to help one of my children with a particular issue. I then decided I needed a break from my desk and proceeded to the break room. Who was in there? The sweet lady who happens to clean our building. I asked how she was doing and she said she was doing fine. Her facial expression seemed to differ from her verbal answer. So, I asked again. She said to me, “I’m fine” with a little smile. And she proceeded to tell me that she was learning to live a focused life for God and release the things that she couldn’t control. There were some trying times she’d had to go through, but, with God’s help she made it through the various hurdles. As a result, she was learning to NOT allow people’s actions or speech to dictate her outlook or mood, nor to get her all flustered and distracted. She told me “you cannot control other people’s actions, decisions or behaviors.” It’s out of your hands. But you can control your own. And she was/is choosing to remain focused on what she believes is her life’s mission, to minister life & encouragement to other people for God.

How does this relate to me? Well, as I’ve been parenting my teenage children, I’ve gone through a gamut of emotions and situations. I’ve wanted, to a large degree, to control the outcome of my kids’ growth and “make” them into model citizens and good people, to protect them from mistakes and help them make the right decisions MOST of the time. But…that’s not how real life works. In real life, you go through hard times. You go through challenging situations. You watch your kids do stupid things. You also watch them make good choices sometimes. But, life is unpredictable. People are unpredictable. And no matter how much you love and guide and direct your children, you cannot control the outcome of their lives, nor the choices they make. Speaking with the cleaning person at my job, helped me to remember that God is in control. I don’t have to worry about every trouble or disappointment where my kids are concerned. I will parent them to the best of my ability and as far as the rest, I will attempt to “remain focused” on the fact that I’m doing the best I know to do and being the best parent I know how to be. I will try not take it personally when my children do something that’s not-the-best. I cannot control these individual human beings. I can only guide them and instruct them…and of course, love them. For the rest, I leave in God’s hands and rest in the peace He gives. He is watching over them.

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