Keep The Faith!


I’m telling you…
Is like a box of chocolates
You never know what you’re going to get

Yes, sweet
There are those moments
Where you taste the perfect taste
Of your favorite chocolate treat
And it melts on your tongue
Sweet bliss

Yes, bitter
When you bite that piece
That offends your taste buds
Causes your brow to furrow
And you want to spit it out
But it takes time
For the aftertaste to go away

Keep the faith!

Life cycles around
Like the seasons
Some winters may be more harsh
And some may be mild
Some summers may be picture perfect
And some may be short lived

It rains in autumn
It rains in the spring
Yet in autumn and spring,
There can also be
Brilliant foliage
Blooming flowers

Keep the faith!

You will make it through this
Weeping may endure for a ‘night’ season,
But joy comes in the ‘morning’ season.

© 2014 KD Corner / “Keep The Faith!”

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