Okay Where I Am

I’ve been through a lot. So have you, I’m sure. Youthful joy and abandon. Divorced parents. Confusion. Awful teen years. Crazy College years. Rediscovering Christ. Marriage. Kids. Divorce. Recuperating. Healing. Dating. Failing. Recuperating. Healing. Being okay.

Life snapshot.

I’m okay. Not perfect. Not at all. But, stumbling through. Sometimes striding. Sometimes skipping. Most times, a clumsy combination of all three.
It’s okay to be where I am.
It’s okay to be okay with myself.
I don’t have to alter my behavior or view of myself to please anyone else.

I am allowed to be okay in my own skin.
And not apologize for it.


~ xo, KD

©2014 KD Corner “Okay Where I Am”