Delay & Denial = Set Up For Success

Sometimes we wonder why there are delays and denials. We wonder why some things don’t work out and some do.  We wonder at the timing of life events. We get frustrated with failures.  And we agonize over waiting…and waiting…and waiting.  Yes, we remember that God has perfect timing and knows when certain things need to happen, certain connections need to be made, etc.  But, sometimes we get discouraged in the process.  However, please don’t get (or stay) discouraged my friend.  Lift your head up.


The delays  or the waiting sometimes happen because IF we moved too soon… we would not be prepared for the future opportunity.  We’re always itching for things to come to us quickly.  We think we’re ready.  But sometimes we have to go through various other experiences to shape and ready us for the future. What we experience as denial can be God setting us up for a better opportunity than anything we could’ve created for ourselves. Perhaps our choices would’ve caused us to have havoc and destruction in our lives… but we don’t always see that upfront.  Sometimes God allows us see in hindsight just what he spared us from. He allows us to realize what he was working to prepare us for.  He sometimes gives us those ‘a-ha’ moments so that we can see the full picture, not just the individual puzzle pieces.

Be encouraged my brother, my sister.  Keep pressing forward and keep doing your best to keep trusting. He’s got you.  He’s growing you. He’s preparing you. You are so special and you have SO much to offer.  Let that spark of hope re-ignite within you.  And keep moving forward.  Blessings.


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©2016 Kay Dee Speaks “Delay & Denial = Set Up For Success”

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