Motives 11/10/2016


Upon following the post-election social media storm (still in progress) – I see passionate people expressing varied views.  My personal election viewpoints aside, I felt the need to express myself in some way.  So for part of my expression I chose to write what I see and what I feel.  This may be the first of many installments, or just a single post.  Time will tell.   This may go largely unnoticed because the media frenzy is so fierce and passions are high, and likely will be for a while.  But, still, I need to share… for me.  And hopefully it will be a blessing to someone else.  ♥


Motives – by KayDeeSpeaks

Are we talking AT each other?
Or talking TO each other?
What is our underlying motive when we speak?
Are we trying to UNDERSTAND one another?
Or are we just trying to be RIGHT at any cost?
Before we so quickly point the finger at others,
Let’s first point it at ourselves, each individually.
Take a serene moment and
Let us examine our own hearts.
Let us quiet ourselves and reflect inwardly.
Let us get down to the roots in our own hearts.
What is their origin?
Is there anything that needs to be UP-rooted?
Truly only WE know what really lies within.
And what we do not know, God can reveal.
For the seeds of division were sown long, long ago in ages past.
And the roots of division are long, and strong, and deep.
And the tree, yes the TREE bears bitter fruit and will continue, unless we look beneath the surface.
If we do not deal with the roots, then we are only dealing with the leaves, the fruit, the external, the surface…
And surface issues will continue to cycle back around like the seasons.
We must do the harder part.
We must go deeper.
But be warned…
Old wounds resurfaced are painful.
They tend to elicit feelings of defensiveness, anger, fear, sadness and the like.
Before true healing can happen, there is some upheaval that first occurs when facing issues head on.
But until we deal with the roots, true change will not be established and lasting.
Deep wounds are only healed when they are acknowledged and dealt with.
But, they must be dealt with with honesty and with CARE and truth and repentance and forgiveness. Forgiveness of self and of others.
Shall we begin?
Or will the cycle continue?


My thoughts,

@KayDeeSpeaks – WordPress,IG,FB,Twitter

©KayDeeSpeaks 2016 “Motives 11/10/2016”

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