Quiet Moments

I often like to simply lie awake in bed in the mornings. I lie there in the quiet gathering my thoughts, allowing my conscious mind to fully awaken. I review any dreams that have occurred during the night to see if there was anything of note, or if I should simply file that dream in my mental trash can (to be forgotten). I review anything that bothered me from the night before, to assess if it’s still weighing on me, or if a good night’s sleep has somehow lessened its impact and caused my perspective to shift. I talk to God in order to lay out any concerns and/or requests for the day. I take time to listen (and sometimes read my daily devotional app on my phone). I try to get God’s direction/guidance for my day ahead. I pray for those things or people especially on my heart. And I sometimes also think about dreams and goals (short or long-term, depending on the day). This may sound like a lot but usually doesn’t take very long. The more time I have, say if I wake up early OR have more time (if I’m on vacation for example) the more time I will dedicate to this. The quiet mornings before everyone & everything stirs, are essential for daily balance for me. Unfortunately, sometimes I miss this due to waking up last minute to a blaring alarm and having to get up in a rush. But usually I can fit at least five minutes of thoughtful meditation and prayer in. We need these quiet moments of ‘mental breathing’ to give us balance.


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2018 Dec 26

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