The Sun and The Son

The sun shining on my face through the window right now.
That always reminds me of what God once said to me:
“The sun always shines on you” or more aptly…
“The SON always shines on you”.

Years ago I went for a hike in a local park. It must’ve been autumn because I remember the air was crisp and I was wearing a jacket. There were various trails to follow, some more off-the-beaten-path than others. I took one of those less followed trails and got quite lost. At first, all was pleasant. It was a beautiful day. I breathed in the fresh air and loved looking at the sky and the trees. It was cleansing and refreshing. I sometimes like taking nature walks to have my prayer and reflection time with God. At some point, I began to realize I’d gone too far. I tried to remember which way I came from but nothing looked familiar. I walked one way, then changed direction and walked another for quite a while. I walked through muddy areas and tough areas to traverse. The further I went, I wondered how in the world I’d ever get back to civilization. I didn’t see any paved paths anymore. I continued to walk over leaves, sticks, rocks, up and down small hills. I must have been out there for a couple of hours because it started to get dark and that really ‘freaked me out’. I hadn’t seen any other people on the path in quite a while by that point.


The more lost I realized I was, the more scared I became, and the more I prayed for God to help me. As I continued to walk, trying to find my way back to a path that was paved, the sun broke through the clouds and warmed my face and my heart. At that moment, I heard God say, “The sun (or really ‘The Son”) always shines upon you.” I knew then I’d be okay, even though I still felt afraid.

Even though sometimes we lose our way, God has not lost us. He is watching over us. He will care for us and guide us back to where we belong. Though sometimes the path is rough, unsure, unpaved, unsteady, muddy or messy, He is there to help us through it, and help us find our way to safety and peace in His presence.

Not long after my encounter with God, I found a lovely couple who was walking the trails, and they helped me back to a main path, and let me use their phone to contact my family to pick me up.

It was quite the experience, but, I will not forget those lessons I learned that day. So, every time the sun shines on my face, I think about how God is present with me and I’m thankful for the SON.

© 2015 KD Corner “The Sun and The Son”

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The Process of Waiting



I think this is perhaps the longest season of waiting I’ve endured thus far. Many years. However, God is faithful.

The Process Of Waiting – by K.D.

Plant a seed
In the earth
While I wait
Grow underneath
Within the earth
Where I cannot see
The foundation being laid
As I
And water
And fertilize
And allow the warmth of sunshine to nourish the earth
A bit of green appears
Poking through the soil
And now
Begins the growth process
And growth takes time
And waiting
And waiting
And waiting
And waiting
And waiting
So it goes
You don’t realize
You are becoming
A strongly rooted tree

© 2013 KD Corner “The Process Of Waiting” Poem & Blog Post

Life Is A Song (a poem)


Life is a song
Life is a song I sing
Full of sweet notes
Sweet notes of love
Sweet notes that flow through the breeze
Flow through the air, flow through the trees

Life is a song
A song of woe
Woeful sadness
It’s blue and it’s cold
Deep bitter tones of heartache and heart-break
Swirling down to the ground

Life is a song
A song of questions
Where will I go?
How will I get there?
What will I do?
Questioning the paths I should take to reach my goals

Life is a song
A song of calm
A song of waiting
A song of patience
It’s quiet and serene
Like a still autumn morn’

Life is a song
A song of wisdom
Wisdom learned from life’s experiences
Sober notes
Notes swelling from well-crafted instruments
Instruments that are seasoned with time

Life is a song
Life is a song of wonder
A song of adventure and joy
An irreplaceable song
That ignites the soul

© “Life Is A Song” KD Corner 2013

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Feelings.  Why are we so afraid of them? Is it because they’re unpredictable and sometimes uncontrollable or uncomfortable?  Could be.

It seems that society seems to have the notion that any “bad” feelings are to be hushed, squashed, hidden, gotten rid of quickly. But who came up with the notion that we are to be “happy” 100% of the time?

Who says that to show feeling means you’re weak? Not so. To show your real emotions sometimes takes great courage. Of course, with everything, BALANCE. I’m not advocating being run away with your feelings and living in emotional upheaval all of the time. I’m saying that in life there are seasons. Literal seasons, such as fall, winter, spring, summer. There are cycles, such as day turning to night, turning to day again. Nature is full of seasons and cycles. Why wouldn’t WE go through them as well. Life is a continuous cycle of highs and lows. I like to refer to the ocean tide because it’s such a good example. The tide ebbs and flows. We have to learn to FLOW with life. Our emotions cycle and flow. It’s OK to be sad sometimes or angry or disappointed. Not that you let that take over your whole life and not that you use that as an excuse to harm someone else. No, no. But, you must let yourself cycle through your feelings. Let yourself flow through them.

For instance, if you’ve been through major life changes (death, a break-up, separation or divorce, or perhaps a child moving away from home, physical struggles and the like) you are ALLOWED to feel sad some days. Yes, well-meaning people will always tell you to “cheer up” or “get over it”, or “move on”. But, no. Let yourself cycle through those feelings at your own pace. If you feel sad, let yourself feel sad. If you’re angry about something, take time to figure out what’s behind the anger. Journal about your feelings. Talk to a trusted friend who won’t judge you. Pray. Find a good counselor or mentor to help you work through it. There’s no shame in it. Find what works for you.

Perhaps in some cases, action will be required. For instance, if there is a situation where you are angry because you were treated unfairly, or there is a discrepancy at work, etc. you may need to take proper and cautious steps to resolve whatever the issue may be.  Never be a vigilante.  If you’re dealing with a work or legal issue, proper protocol must be followed. First, try to figure out what the root of your anger is before trying to resolve it.  Sometimes your anger may be rooted in your perception based on a past experiences or personality types.  If you recognize this to be the case, take a fresh look at the person or situation that upset you.  Look with new eyes and see if that person or situation offended you because it reminded you of someone/something else.  Sometimes our perception of another person’s intentions can be influenced by our past. So, take stock of all factors. And if you need assistance to resolve any issue, then ask. Again, nothing to be ashamed of.

And the same idea for other areas that may cause you to feel down, such as daily stress, family issues, or maybe you just had a bad day. It’s okay. Take time when you can be alone to work through it. You’ll know what works best for you.  Try taking a walk in the park or neighborhood, do some exercise, journal, pray, or express yourself through art, poetry or song.  These things may aid in you getting out some negative energy and stress and help you to gain some clarity regarding your feelings.

Some say not to have “pity parties”. But, I disagree. Have your pity party (just don’t make it a never-ending party) :).  Get your feelings out in a healthy way and keep on moving forward. Once you let yourself work THROUGH your feelings you will eventually get back around to the other side of the cycle. Think of it like a pendulum. Our lives are always in motion and always swinging from happiness to sadness, or good day to bad day and everything in between. That’s life. Every day is not “fun” or “happy”, but you can learn to deal with your feelings in an effective way. Stuffing them down or ignoring them only causes them to surface later in other ways…usually unhealthy ones.

Lastly, if you suffer from clinical depression or have other mental health struggles, then never ever be ashamed to get professional help. It doesn’t mean you’re crazy. There is therapy and there are medications that can be prescribed to help you obtain and maintain some balance. Do your homework and have someone you trust to help you with this process. The beautiful thing about living in this day and time is that there are a multitude of resources available to help people in whatever state they’re in & help them to find balance.

God bless you.
Toodles ♥


Right Where You’re Supposed To Be

Just perhaps
You’re right where you’re supposed to be
Not stuck
In the muck
About to give up

It’s divine design
That you are confined
For now
To the space you’re in
My friend

Stop your striving
In the quiet
You’ll begin to hear
To see
What you are to be

Life isn’t always
EXTREME Home Makeover
American Idol
You get my drift

Is more like a marathon
Than a sprint
A journey
With peaks and valleys
A wave
That ebbs and flows

Let if flow…

©  KD Corner / K.D.  All rights reserved “Right Where You’re Supposed To Be”


Beauty In Nature

Have you ever marveled at the beauty in nature?  Maybe (secretly) you watch those nature programs on PBS.  It’s alright, your secret is safe with me.  (Shhh! I watch them, too.)

On my way to work some mornings, when it’s clear, I get to see the sunrise – all of the yellows, oranges, and pinks.  The dawning of a new day is breathtaking.  Or, have you ever watched birds soar in the air?  They just glide and swoop and twirl in the air.  It makes me wish I could fly like that. Of birds, when my children were smaller, whenever they’d see birds sitting in a row on the telephone wire, they’d say “Mom! Look at the bird choir!”  Too cute!

I’ll never forget, when I lived on the west coast, my first time seeing a hummingbird up close outside of my window.  I was amazed at the tiny wings fluttering so fast that it held the bird in the air, hovering as it visited a flower.  Wings fluttering so fast it sounded like a slight buzzing sound.  Hummingbirds are gorgeous creatures to behold as they dance from flower to flower.

Or maybe you love the water.  Ahhh, something about the lake or the ocean is calming.  The rhythmic dance of the waves as they lap up on shore. And the beautiful expanse of those bodies of water puts you in awe.

Or maybe you like mountains? Hikes on the trail? Walks in the park? Sailing on the open water? Gardening and watching the miracle of life come from a seed?

Whatever it is, don’t miss the beauty and wonder that nature provides.  It can be something that brings joy and wonder to your day…little moments of awe.

God has created such wonders in nature for us to behold.