Don’t Be Afraid

But Moses told the people, “Don’t be afraid. Just stand where you are and watch, and you will see the wonderful way the Lord will rescue  you today. The Egyptians you are looking at- you will never see them again. THE LORD WILL FIGHT FOR YOU, and you won’t need to lift a finger.” (from the Bible [‘The Book’ version], book of Exodus, chapter 14, verses 13-14)

I’m not launching into a Bible study. But, as I was reading this, it spoke to me. There are times when God lets us go through tough trials, yet He is there with us. But there are also times when God miraculously takes care of everything! He fights our battles FOR us. Woohoo! He orchestrates things in such a way that could only be explained by Him working on our behalf. He hears our prayers! He’s close to the broken-hearted. (Psalm 34:17-19)  He cares. And when He performs miracles, it’s an amazing thing to behold.

“But, I don’t even believe in God,” you may be saying. Hey, that’s okay. I’m not trying to make you. This is what I believe. I’ve experienced enough of God to know that He’s real. He loves me. He loves you. He’s amazing. He’s patient. Even if we’re ticked off at Him and choose to ignore him or if we just don’t believe in Him, none of that – and I mean none – decreases, nullifies or erases His love for us. His love is so enormous that it cannot be fully comprehended with our finite understanding. Yes, we’re highly intelligent beings. But even with our vast amounts of intelligence, we do not have infinite understanding. My opinion.

That being said, let me go back to my point – God will fight for you. Don’t be afraid. Keep your head up. Stay encouraged. He is mighty to save.

PS- Random side note: Speaking of Moses, you gotta love the “old-school” film of the Ten Commandments with Charlton Heston playing Moses and Yul Brynner playing Pharoah (love Yul Brynner!). Classic! (Charlton as Moses pictured above)

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Play Dress Up

Hey guys & gals! How’s it going? I hope all is well. Today, let’s talk about dressing up. Why? Well, I’ve read on more than one website that dressing up is one way to pamper yourself. I submit to you that dressing up gives the ol’ ego a boost. You can go all out and dress to the nines or you can just pick something a bit more modest but flattering. But whatever you choose, choose something that makes YOU feel and look good. Some of you may be wondering why I chose to write on this topic. Well, it’s because I believe that sometimes we need to be our own encourager, our own best friend and do something for ourselves that will remind us how special we are. Sometimes it’s nice to indulge just a little.

We, typically, are creatures of habit. We like routine (nothing wrong with that). But sometimes we allow ourselves to get stuck in a rut and we neglect ourselves. We tend to do the same thing day in and day out. It’s good break from the norm and remind ourselves how unique and special we are. And if you’re feeling down, dressing up can really make you feel better. I’ll never forget, when I was a teenager, I was kind of down in the dumps one particular day and that day I happened to talk to my dad. He gave me some advice. He said, “You know, when I feel down, I do something nice for myself. I dress up in my favorite outfit…and it just makes me feel good. Do it for YOU!” So, I tried it. I did my hair in a style I liked, and I wore a favorite dress to school that day, and the compliments I received were really nice (mostly…you know some teen boys are goofs no matter what…lol). Anyway, I remember walking home that day loving the way I looked in my dress and feeling like a million bucks.

So go for it! It can’t hurt. It may seem silly to you, but, don’t knock it till you try it. No, clothing doesn’t make you who you are. But sometimes it’s just a nice treat to ourselves by spending a little time sprucing up. So guys, put on that outfit that makes you look AMAZING and don’t forget a dab of that cologne that smells so great. Spruce up your hair and beard or mustache and go out that day looking & feeling phenomenal. Ladies, maybe wear your hair in your favorite style, paint your nails (if you like) and put on that ensemble that makes you look like a SUPER STAR (because you are) and don’t forget those cute shoes! Then, strut your stuff. Do it first and foremost for yourself. This is just another way to show love to yourself. You’re worth it!  Have a great day!  Let me know how it goes. 😉

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Weaknesses Aren’t Necessarily Bad


I’m a recovering perfectionist. Not in regards to household chores (haha), but, in other areas. I tend to hate my weaknesses because I feel like it gives grounds for people to poke fun at me.  I remember once in elementary school, I answered incorrectly to a math question posed by the teacher. The class laughed at me. That made me never want to be laughed at again, so I determined to be right most of the time.  I could leave little room for error so there would be minimal chance for embarrassment.  I didn’t like the limelight as it was, but, especially not for embarrassing reasons. 

Needless to say, I was not able to be correct 100% of the time, not even close, but, still it was ingrained into my personality to be as error-free as possible, if at all possible.  Well, with that ‘take’ on life you can become a little bit anal.  The bad thing about perfectionism is when you don’t attain a certain goal or level of perfection, you tend to beat yourself up, call yourself names and all sorts of unhealthy negative self-talk which in turn contributes to negative self-esteem.

Today, I read a devotional that spoke of how God doesn’t love us “in spite” of our weaknesses, but, that he loves us WITH our weaknesses and He can “use” our weaknesses for his glory.  I’ve heard that before, but, today it had special meaning for me.  When you become entrenched in a certain negative way of thinking, you often need to hear healthy messages repeatedly before they actually sink in and can take root & bud into a new and healthy way of thinking.

God is not surprised at my weaknesses. He created me. He knows my good and my bad. My strong points and my weak points. But God can even utilize my weaknesses for good somehow. For instance. I was painfully shy and very quiet growing up. Only in my adulthood did I learn to open up and become more social. But, I would say I’m still a quiet person. I like to people-watch and observe the conversation and behavior of a person.  I learn a lot that way.  How has this been used for good? For one, personally, I’ve avoided potentially harmful relationships from people-watching. Also, I’ve been able to recognize and befriend other shy people and be the person that helps get them out of their shell a little bit.  Being a quiet person, I’ve been the confidant of many a person who knows that I will not go out and blab their personal business to the world at large.  And I’ve been able to share with certain folks how there is an advantage to sometimes being a good listener more so than a talker, on certain occasions.

My perfectionistic tendencies? Well, if properly channeled, it translates to my ability to pay attention to detail which has been very useful in organizational jobs and tasks both personally and professionally.

Your flaws or weaknesses (notice I didnt say sicknesses) can even be used in a positive way. God loves you. He made you. You’re beautiful.

Toodles. ♥


Dealing With Grief

We all experience loss in life.  It can range from experiencing the death of a loved one, to the death of a relationship/friendship, or ‘death’ of a certain season in life (ex. job loss, a child growing up and leaving, etc.). And because of experiencing loss, whether the loss is expected or unexpected, we go through stages of grief.  It’s completely normal.  While experiencing the grief process, you may sometimes feel as though you’ve gone “loopy”.  But if you become knowledgeable (or remind yourself) of the stages of the grief cycle, then it tends to be easier to recognize which stage you’re in and helps you to realize that what you’re going through is okay. 

Sometimes when loss happens, well-meaning family or friends will tell you to “get over it” or “get on with life” or “you shouldn’t still feel that”.  They really do mean well.  They just want you to “snap out of it” and get back to your “normal” self.  The trouble is, when loss happens, you don’t go back to how you were before the incident.  But, you create a “new normal” that takes into account your experience of loss.  Yes, there are extremes on both sides. People can “stuff” grief down inside and decide to never fully deal with it.  Or sometimes people can stay stuck in a lifetime of misery, never allowing themselves to fully go through their cycle of grief and come out on the other side of it. 

Let’s briefly go through the stages of grief here:

  1. Denial
  2. Anger
  3. Bargaining
  4. Depression
  5. Acceptance

The important thing to know is that it does NOT always happen in linear order.  You may not go through certain stages. Or you may experiences some stages simultaneously.  Or you may even circle back around to certain stages you already have been through. But, let yourself go through the stages at your own pace.  Also, if you need to, reach out to certain family or friends who will be supportive as you go through this process, and not try to rush you through it.  You may also choose to seek out a professional counselor. That is nothing to be ashamed of.  Take your time to find the right counselor for you.  You may also try talking about things with your family doctor.

Please visit this link which goes through each stage of grief in-depth.  Take the time to really read through and understand each stage.  Link: .

One last thing…IF you are experiencing grief and feel at all suicidal please DO NOT end your life!  You are meant to be here.  You are beautiful and special and precious & God loves you!!!  You matter to me!  Please call the suicide hotline so that you can talk to someone to help you through this.  They have resources that will help you with your individual situation.  
SUICIDE HOTLINE: 1-800-273-8255.  

Sidebar: I even heard on the radio the other day that for soldiers suffering from PTSD and battle depression and/or suicidal thoughts consistently, there are breakthrough procedures and medications available.  But you don’t have to be suffering from PTSD.  You can any person who suffers from depression.  Depression is a very real thing that people go through and you don’t have to feel ashamed. For help, encouragement, information & suggestions please listen to this radio show. Here’s the link to the radio show:  (the show is a Christian show, but, even if you’re not a Christian don’t let that deter you from listening.)  There is LOTS of good information shared that will help you with depression and bipolar disorder and other areas.  Also if you would like to visit the radio guest’s website, it is here: .

God bless you! ♥