Invisible Writer

I notice that since I haven’t blogged regularly or consistently in quite some time, my readership has gone down to zero (or maybe one friend who reads just because they’re my friend). This business of being a deep thinker, feeler, writer, sharer of ideas seems to be a pretty thankless one, unless of course, you’re wildly famous. Who knows, maybe I will be one day. 🙂

I must be getting old (haha) because while I see the relevance of social media, I also see the potential poison of it. You have to use it carefully, lest you’re swept up into checking it multiple times each HOUR just to see if someone posted something new. It is addicting. Not good. Also, there is so much moronic content on social media…I can’t take it sometimes. There is also a lot of good, but, you have to really hone in on it.

Social media caters to short attention spans (maybe even exacerbates them if already present). So, the more thoughtful content (larger pieces of writing that you actually have to READ) can get passed by. Maybe I need to pick more engaging content to write about?? But, I feel like the human condition is plenty relatable and seems like it should be more apt to garner more interest than it does.

I find myself a bit cynical and bitter that my writings are only read if I post about salsa dancing (my other blog). While I adore dancing, I tire of writing about it. I’d much rather write about the day to day struggles we all face and hopefully encourage someone along the way. So, for now, I am a bit invisible. Hopefully the more I write, the more folks I’ll connect with who have similar interests and focus.

©2019 I AM KAYDEE “Invisible Writer”

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Life is multifaceted.
We juggle wants and needs, responsibility and desires, practicality and extravagance,
and everything in between.
We give large parts of ourselves to different things at different times.
It’s easy to feel like life is a constant struggle for balance.
Many times we tend to feel as though we’re wasting our time with mundane responsibilities,
often feeling trapped by them.
But, BEAUTY is not only found in the things that spark joy and passion in us.
Beauty can also be found in the daily grind, in the fulfilling of our duties, in the handling of our responsibilities.
We show up. We work hard. We provide for families. We care for loved ones.
There is honor in that. And we must include it in the totality of who we are.
Our lives ebb and flow, twist and turn, are unbalanced and balanced again.
We have seasons where certain things take up more space in our lives than others.
Sometimes things we want to do or be are delayed due to these life circumstances.

But, that doesn’t mean that we can never have those things or dreams that spark joy in us?
We absolutely can! But we must be mindful of the full picture. The fruition of things is often seasonal and the timing is rarely in our control.

Life is not one thing OR another. It is the summation of all things together. So, when we look at life, we should not define it by just ONE thing, aspect or season only.

Maybe life is less about “settling for mediocrity” or resigning ourselves to our “lot in life”.
Likewise, maybe it’s less about being fulfilled only if we have everything we want.
Instead, maybe it’s more about embracing the WHOLE experience, in all its many facets.
Maybe it’s about redefining our expectations of what life “should be” and embracing ALL of what it is.
Maybe it’s about recognizing and respecting the season we’re in, and flowing WITH it, not against it.
©2019 Life Together with Kay Dee “Life” by Kay Dee


I don’t know about you, but I hate waiting. I stink at waiting. It’s no fun, it takes too long, it’s frustrating. You get the picture. There’s this guy in the Bible with a name that’s hard to pronounce – Habakkuk. Not on the top 10 baby names list. He was basically complaining to God about the fact that there was so much evil in his city and it seemed to be going unpunished. He wanted to know where God was?! And why wasn’t he doing anything about it?! That’s a common question even today, with so many crazy things going on in our world. I’m not going to get deep and theological here. I know my limitations. But, I will speak to waiting when nothing good seems to be happening. Waiting on an answered prayer… Waiting for things to change for the better… Waiting for the proverbial breakthrough… Waiting for a ray of sun to shine into your perhaps dark situation…. Here’s what God later says in answer to Habakkuk… The vision (or we could say the answer) is for an appointed time. Wait for it. Though it seems to be taking forever, it won’t be late. It’ll come at just the right time.  (Ok, that’s my paraphrase for all of you scholars out there.)

Yes, waiting for our answers or our ‘new season’ in life is no fun. Sometimes we wonder “If there is a God out there, then where is He?!” or “God, didn’t you hear my prayers? What’s taking so long??”. But like I mentioned in a previous post, there is a time and a season for everything under heaven. At just the right time, the right answer will come, the right people and situations will align themselves. God knows what He’s doing, even when we think He doesn’t. So, am I saying to be super excited about waiting? Nope. But, I am saying, be encouraged, your change is a-comin’. I’m waiting with you!