Have you ever noticed that some things require the ideal “timing”?
Whether it’s that “big break” you’re waiting on, a promotion you’re going for, or meeting someone special at the just right place/time, etc., timing is imperative.  If something happens too late or too soon, you could miss it entirely or perhaps ruin it.
Think of baking a cake.  If you take a cake out of the oven too soon, it’s a soggy mess.  If you take it out of the oven too late, it’s overcooked or burnt. Same principle with fruit.  If you pick and eat a piece of fruit before it’s ripe, it tastes terrible.  If you let it become overripe it starts to spoil. With cake or with fruit, there is preparation involved.  If you’re baking, you must take the time to familiarize yourself with the recipe, measure out each ingredient, sift, stir, whisk, etc., and set the oven at the correct temperature.  Then you must prepare the baking pan before pouring in the batter.  Once it’s in the oven you must wait for it to bake, check to see if it’s cooked completely through and at the right time, take it out of the oven. 
So, I’m sure most of us do not own orchards, but, let’s say you did.  You’d have had to initially do all of the work of setting up the orchard: picking the ideal piece of land, preparing the soil, preparing for proper irrigation, having the trees planted, maintaining the proper fertilization and watering, pruning the trees, making sure no pests destroy your produce, etc.  There’s preparation, work and waiting for the harvest. 
This principle can be applied to life.  Maybe you’re waiting on that “harvest”.  Some of you may be just waiting without doing anything.  May I suggest that perhaps you can “actively wait” by working towards your goal or dream.  Get the training or education you may need for the next phase.  Do your research or diligently practice to perfect your skills.  But, perhaps you may be doing all that you can do to make something “happen” but for whatever reason, it hasn’t happened yet.  Don’t be discouraged.  Timing is a key player in this equation.  I’ve heard many people say to “be prepared” so that when your window of opportunity opens, you’re READY!  But there are other areas over which we have little control, such as perhaps praying and waiting for a mate … or praying and waiting for a loved one to come out of a harmful situation, etc.  There’s no guarantee in these instances, BUT, you can still continue to pray because prayer is powerful.  And perhaps continue to educate yourself on your ideal situation, joing support groups, join a dating site, take a class, etc.  You can continue to better yourself.  You never know where that may lead.  The knowledge and experience you gain from bettering or educating yourself or deepening your faith, can have effects beyond what you can even imagine.  Because maybe you’ll be able to use what you’ve learned to help or encourage someone else in the future.  You can say, “I’ve been where you are, let me tell you what helped me….”
For my faith-filled friends, waiting on God’s timing can definitely be hard.  If you’ve prayed and you’ve heard God say to “wait”, it’s important to actively keep yourself encouraged in the process.  Surround yourself with strong, mature and positive people in the faith.  Bump up your prayer life.  Keep little encouraging scriptures or notes where you can see them throughout the day.  Pray with others.  Prepare yourself, educate yourself, etc.
And TRUST that:

  • God knows what He’s doing,
  • He has our best interests at heart,
  • Some things just take time and He’s working out all of the details
  • He’s faithful

God works behind the scenes.  When we DO get our blessing, whatever it is, we can often see in retrospect just WHY it took so long, and WHAT factors had to come into play before it to come to pass.  You see how things connected at certain times to lead to the ultimate event.  You see God’s creativity in putting His plan together often in ways we don’t expect.  He’s so creative!

So, let’s trust God’s timing…even when it’s hard.
And when your time comes, be ready, rejoice, and pay it forward. 🙂
Toodles ♥
© “Timing” by KD Corner 2012

 Image courtesy of digitalart / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Put One Foot In Front of the Other

Sometimes all you can do when life is hard (and you don’t know how the story
ends) is to keep going. Because if you stop, you know you’ll either get
stuck, or even worse, you’ll regress backward and go into a downward spiral.

My encouragement to you today is to keep going. If you’re nosey…um,
inquisitive sounds better. If you’re inquisitive like me, you don’t want to
give up for sole reason that you might miss something good if you do. I was
like that as a kid. I always wanted to stay up late because I was afraid I
was going to miss something cool. So, keep going for sheer nosiness sake.
Hahaha! Seriously though, you don’t know what blue skies, sunshine and
rainbows may be on the other side of the storm, so keep walking, keep
marching, keep moving forward.

“Put one foot in front of the other” was a song from an animated Christmas
special from long ago. AND I FOUND IT FOR YOU! 🙂 Yes, I’m corny. But, I told
you in previous posts that I love music. Songs stay with me. They come back
to mind exactly when I need them. The words are “put one foot in front of
the other, and soon you’ll be walking ‘cross the floor. Put one foot in
front of the other, and soon you’ll be walking out the door.” Keep going my
friends. Don’t stop. Don’t give up, don’t give in. Push through to the other
side. Blessings await. Here’s a bit of nostalgia for some of you and a ‘new’
video for those of you who’ve never seen it & are curious enough to watch it.
The words are actually good. 🙂 Blessings to you.



Toodles ♥

© “Put One Foot In Front of the Other” KD Corner 2012


When you feel like giving up
Don’t give up
Don’t give in
Don’t quit

When you feel like lying down
Lift your hopes
Lift your hands
Lift your eyes

When you feel like breaking down
You can cry
Then wipe your tears
Destroy your fears
& Keep on trying

Sprint, jump, reach, stretch, lunge!
Shatter ceilings, break records, destroy strongholds, expose lies!
Champion love, speak truth, exude joy, be peace, show compassion!
Never give up on the vision God has placed inside of you.
Be the change you want to see in the world.

© 2012 K.D. kdcorner “Persist”
No copying without permission
Quote “Be the change you want to see in the world” (Gandhi)