Only The Lonely

Most people who deal with this don’t like to admit it, but they’re lonely.
There are a lot of lonely folks in this world. We don’t know the half of it.
We don’t know how many people lie awake at night, in their own private misery. We don’t see people behind closed doors when tears are streaming from their eyes, and their shoulders are heaving from heavy guttural sobs. We don’t see the person curled up under their covers, wishing something…anything could take away the loneliness that they feel. It’s a real feeling. Many times the very person you see who looks like they have it all together, or the person with a smile on their face, is the very same person who suffers from loneliness and maybe depression.

I’m not writing with the cure. I don’t think that there is a one-size-fits-all cure. But, I am writing to say that you are not alone. I am here and this wordpress community is here. I understand. I’m here to tell you to hold on. You’ll make it through this. But don’t try to do it by yourself. God loves you. You can pray to him.  Or you may only have 1 person in your life that cares, but, that’s 1 person that counts. Those people are a gift.  Some practical things you can do to stave off loneliness?  You might  try involving yourself in a recreational activity that you enjoy. Try to find joy in simple everyday things like, the smile of a friend, the sunshine, birds singing, a feel-good story on TV,  a good book or a favorite song. Try  projecting outwardly instead of shutting down inwardly by reaching out to help others (whether in the form of writing, volunteering, coaching sports, tutoring, etc.). And on the days when you need to cry, go ahead.

But, if your loneliness becomes too much for you to bear on your own, then there’s no shame in getting some outside help. Maybe see your doctor or a counselor. Sometimes a counselor can help guide us to the root of our feelings to help resolve them. Or sometimes there is something medically wrong that alters our moods and we don’t know if we don’t reach out to get that help from a physician. Never feel ashamed. If you are taking healthy steps to make sure you’re getting what you need to be your best, then you should feel proud of yourself.

Sending you a virtual hug & a song:
You are not alone – Michael Jackson

You are loved!

© 2013 “Only The Lonely” KD Corner / K.D.

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Your Latter Will Be Greater

yellow daisy

I woke up this a.m. having had a horrible night’s sleep, and grumpy from a conversation I had last night, and wondering when will “my” day come?  Or am I destined to mediocrity?  Of course when I’m upset I’m very melodramatic.  As I sat down to talk to the Lord, I began to remember his promises, his words of encouragement spoken to me, and that he’s not slack concerning his promises.  And he impressed this song in my heart.  Humbled, I share it with you. Click the title of the song to hear it on youtube.  Lyrics below.

Your Latter Will Be Greater – (version by Israel Houghton & New Breed)

You latter will be greater than your past,
you will be blessed, more than you could ask.
Despite all that has been done, the best is yet to come

And your latter will be greater,
your latter will be greater,
your latter will be greater than your past.

All things are possible,
possible, possible, possible.

All things are possible,
possible, possible, possible.


Vamp 1:
The best is yet to come,
the best is yet to come,
oh, the best is yet to come.

Vamp 2:
Our best is yet to come,
our best is yet to come,
oh, our best is yet to come.

Vamp 3:
The King is soon to come,
the King is soon to come,
oh, the King is soon to come.

© “Your Latter Will Be Greater” KD Corner / Song/lyrics by Israel Houghton and New Breed

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