You ARE Good Enough!

you're good enough

A friend of mine recently posted a picture on her Facebook page of someone holding a sticky note that says “you are good enough!” It hit home. I don’t know about you, but, so many times I question, “am I good enough?”

Am I good enough to be loved?
Am I good enough to fit into that social circle?
Am I good enough to be accepted?
Am I good enough to be respected?
Am I good enough to complete that project or reach that goal?
Am I good enough to seal that huge deal at work?
Am I good enough to be valued by others?

The list could go on and on. What makes us question our own value? Have we been told by someone that we’re not valuable? Has it been demonstrated by another person’s actions toward us that we are not up to snuff? Have others made us feel that somehow we’ll never measure up to the perfection they expect? Or has it been communicated to us somehow that others don’t see us as able enough, talented enough, or intelligent enough to obtain a certain goal?

I daresay most of us have had such an experience in our lives. Sometimes we experience this type of criticism or rejection by well-meaning people in our families, friendships, social or professional circles. The trick is not believing the naysayers. Constructive criticism is one thing. It is usually given in such a way as to build up the person. It should be given with care and in a way that will help the person see where they can tweak or improve in a certain area without tearing them to shreds verbally.

But, if you’ve received harsh criticism or if you’ve been overlooked, berated, undervalued, etc., I’ve got news for you. You ARE good enough! The truth is that God made each of us uniquely special. We don’t all have the same set of talents and abilities, but, there is greatness in each of us!  There is something each of us are wired to do and to do well. Don’t undervalue your unique gifts.  Develop them and use them to bless others.

As you move forward to develop your gifts and talents, you may experience instances or periods of failure.  But, remember this –  failure at a task or a goal does NOT equal your failure as a person.  Your “who” is not determined by your “do”.  Some things you will have to continuously practice at to hone your skills in a certain area. Other things you will try and then realize that particular thing may not be for you. But the important thing is that you TRIED. You didn’t hold back. There will be no regrets because you attempted it. John Maxwell (author) has written a whole series of books, CD’s called “Fail Forward”. Even if you fail at something, if you learn from it, you’ve not failed at all. You’ve gained more valuable knowledge with which to move forward and tackle the next goal.

Your value  as a person, is not and should not be defined by people, but, by God. You are fearfully and wonderfully made. There is no one exactly like you. You are loved with a love that never wanes and never ends. And in those times where others put you down or you experience failure of some kind, you’ll need to remind yourself of this fact: YOU are SPECIAL.  If you have to, write it on sticky notes and stick it all around your house or apartment.  And surround yourself with positive people!  We each need people who are in our corner and believe in us!  It’s important.  Also, one of the best things you can do is let someone else know how special and important they are. I’m a huge advocate of paying it forward.  There are so many people in the world who have not been told how valuable and special they are.  And God may use YOU to be the one to tell them.  You can plant a seed of love into someone else’s life.  And you never know how big that seed will grow or what it will develop into.  Maybe because of you, someone who wanted to quit life, decides to continue on and becomes an amazing motivator of others.  Maybe that person who was going to quit med school goes on to become a world renowned physician or surgeon.  You never know.  So, as I hopefully breathe life into you, so, breathe life into others.  Remember how spectacular you are!  Silence the voices of the naysayers and shout out loud, “I AM GOOD ENOUGH!”

© KD Corner “You ARE Good Enough” 2013

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Weaknesses Aren’t Necessarily Bad


I’m a recovering perfectionist. Not in regards to household chores (haha), but, in other areas. I tend to hate my weaknesses because I feel like it gives grounds for people to poke fun at me.  I remember once in elementary school, I answered incorrectly to a math question posed by the teacher. The class laughed at me. That made me never want to be laughed at again, so I determined to be right most of the time.  I could leave little room for error so there would be minimal chance for embarrassment.  I didn’t like the limelight as it was, but, especially not for embarrassing reasons. 

Needless to say, I was not able to be correct 100% of the time, not even close, but, still it was ingrained into my personality to be as error-free as possible, if at all possible.  Well, with that ‘take’ on life you can become a little bit anal.  The bad thing about perfectionism is when you don’t attain a certain goal or level of perfection, you tend to beat yourself up, call yourself names and all sorts of unhealthy negative self-talk which in turn contributes to negative self-esteem.

Today, I read a devotional that spoke of how God doesn’t love us “in spite” of our weaknesses, but, that he loves us WITH our weaknesses and He can “use” our weaknesses for his glory.  I’ve heard that before, but, today it had special meaning for me.  When you become entrenched in a certain negative way of thinking, you often need to hear healthy messages repeatedly before they actually sink in and can take root & bud into a new and healthy way of thinking.

God is not surprised at my weaknesses. He created me. He knows my good and my bad. My strong points and my weak points. But God can even utilize my weaknesses for good somehow. For instance. I was painfully shy and very quiet growing up. Only in my adulthood did I learn to open up and become more social. But, I would say I’m still a quiet person. I like to people-watch and observe the conversation and behavior of a person.  I learn a lot that way.  How has this been used for good? For one, personally, I’ve avoided potentially harmful relationships from people-watching. Also, I’ve been able to recognize and befriend other shy people and be the person that helps get them out of their shell a little bit.  Being a quiet person, I’ve been the confidant of many a person who knows that I will not go out and blab their personal business to the world at large.  And I’ve been able to share with certain folks how there is an advantage to sometimes being a good listener more so than a talker, on certain occasions.

My perfectionistic tendencies? Well, if properly channeled, it translates to my ability to pay attention to detail which has been very useful in organizational jobs and tasks both personally and professionally.

Your flaws or weaknesses (notice I didnt say sicknesses) can even be used in a positive way. God loves you. He made you. You’re beautiful.

Toodles. ♥