Life Is A Song (a poem)


Life is a song
Life is a song I sing
Full of sweet notes
Sweet notes of love
Sweet notes that flow through the breeze
Flow through the air, flow through the trees

Life is a song
A song of woe
Woeful sadness
It’s blue and it’s cold
Deep bitter tones of heartache and heart-break
Swirling down to the ground

Life is a song
A song of questions
Where will I go?
How will I get there?
What will I do?
Questioning the paths I should take to reach my goals

Life is a song
A song of calm
A song of waiting
A song of patience
It’s quiet and serene
Like a still autumn morn’

Life is a song
A song of wisdom
Wisdom learned from life’s experiences
Sober notes
Notes swelling from well-crafted instruments
Instruments that are seasoned with time

Life is a song
Life is a song of wonder
A song of adventure and joy
An irreplaceable song
That ignites the soul

© “Life Is A Song” KD Corner 2013

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Try Something New! No Regrets!

My encouragement for you today – try something new!  Why?? Well…why not? There are things that you’ve wanted to do since you were younger. Do them.  Ok, so maybe you wanted to be in little league baseball. And you’re WAY too old for little league now.  But what’s stopping you from signing up for a community league?  Hmmm?

Or maybe you always wanted to be a ballerina.  You’re like “oh no, there’s no way I could do that”.  Ok, maybe you’re past the age where you can become a prima ballerina in the NYC ballet, BUT, you CAN join an adult beginner ballet class.  They have them.  And women of all ages, shapes and sizes attend. 

You’ve always wanted to play guitar?  Take some lessons.  It’s not too late to live your dreams.  And you’re not used up just because you’re getting older.  There’s a 90 year old man in my neighborhood who makes beautiful bracelets (akin to the Pandora bracelets) and sells them to the community.  My uncle, who is also 90 years old, puts together extravagant doll houses and model boats. Meticulous work and it’s gorgeous when he’s done.  So, you’re not washed up and it’s not too late.  It can be your new beginning.

So go ahead, TRY writing that book, start that business, take that class, GO SING KARAOKE, go hang gliding, take flying lessons, go back to school, etc …. You don’t have to break the bank, nor deplete the family savings to try something new.  Maybe start small.  But start.  And if you fail or it doesn’t turn out quite like you planned, at least you TRIED. 🙂 No regrets my friends.

Toodles. ♥