Though Life Can Be Troubling


Though Life Can Be Troubling – by K.D.

Though life can be troubling
And sometimes it breaks your heart
Know that it’s a journey
From the very start

It weaves and it winds
Sometimes you get off course
And you may begin to wonder
“What is all of this for?”

Know that you are growing
Progressing day by day
Though the road at times is tough
And you feel you’ve lost your way

Remember who you are, dear one
Fearfully and wonderfully made
You are watched over and cared for
And guided through each day

You will see the other side of this
And look back and say, “Ah hah!”
The trials you’ve endured
Have brought you very far

You now have compassion
Where you lacked it before
You now have the strength
To help someone else endure

You now understand
Someone else’s broken heart
And you have life-lessons learned
And wisdom to impart

There is HOPE
On the other side of this storm
Hold on to your Maker
He will guide you safely to shore

Don’t lose sight dear friend
You are not alone
Have hope, keep the faith
The best is yet to come!


© 2013 K.D. Corner “Though Life Can Be Troubling”/

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Stay the course

Stay the course
Don’t give up the fight
Though monotony abounds
Continue to do what’s right
For this season’s just a test
To purify your heart
To expose your true motives
To cause wrong ones to depart
Though it does not appear
That you’re making much progress
Keep pushing, fighting, moving forward
To reach God’s very best
You have no clue
What blessing is awaiting you
So, don’t get off of your horse
Keep riding
Stay the course


© “Stay the Course” by KD Corner 2012

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