Shake Yourself FREE


Yes, you!
You’ve been lost.
You’ve been tangled in the maze of the familiar.
But now you must shake yourself FREE from folly, from indecision, from old patterns
that keep you on the hamster wheel running FAST…and going nowhere.

What must you do to be different? Better? Changed? Improved? Healed?
What must you do to permanently BREAK the chains that have bound you for so long?

You must begin to make better choices
And NOT allow yourself to be SEDUCED by the familiar.
Because the FAMILIAR is toxic, is dangerous, is distorted reality.
The familiar has kept you asleep…unconscious…brain dead for too long.

You must begin to see clearly
Even if the bright light of TRUTH hurts your eyes at first.
You will soon learn to adjust to walking in the LIGHT instead of the darkness.
You will learn to look beyond the surface in order to see the SOUL of a thing
Whereas before…you’d to been blind to it.

Somewhere along the line you fell for the LIE that you weren’t “good enough” for the best things in life because someone mistreated you…and made you feel like you were less than you really were.
And as a result, you made choices about life and love based on this lie.

But, no more!
It’s time to rise up!
It’s time to be free!
It’s time to walk in truth!
It’s time to fly high!
You’re worth it.


©2016 Kay Dee Speaks, “Shake Yourself FREE”

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Why Be Surprised?


I was inspired to write this poem from having listened to Taylor Swift’s song “Shake it off” and from random life events (not just mine).

Why Be Surprised? By KD

Players will play
Haters will hate
Dogs will be dogs
Fakers will be fake

Snakes will be snakes
Cheaters will cheat
And they’ll do it all
Without skipping a beat

Liars will lie
The shady will hide
There are those who will leave
Without saying goodbye

So why be surprised?
Why be shocked?
When arrogant egotists
Act like painted peacocks

Or when snakes choose to bite
And dogs sniff elsewhere
Wolves in sheeps clothing
Use people without a care

Don’t expect different
From those who have shown
The same “ratchet” behavior
You’ve already come to know

People who WANT to change
Make efforts to so do
They don’t sit around
And make an excuse

The moral of this story
Is simple yet wise
When people show their true colors
Don’t be surprised

Chances are that they’ve been showing you
All along
But maybe you had
Your blinders on

What flows out of a person
Is what’s in the heart.
A person can only act like
What they truly are.

(*ratchet – Used here as the slang term meaning tasteless, unseemly, uncouth and the like.)

© 2015 KD Corner/ KD “Why Be Surprised?”

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