Life Unexpected

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The other day, word spread throughout the office fast, that a former coworker had passed away. The age…26 years young. Shock and disbelief permeated the office. Those of us who knew him shared and discussed it amongst ourselves. This young man had recently moved out-of-state to pursue another venture. It was said that no one had heard from him for a few days and when someone checked on him, they found that he was…gone. I don’t want to share any more detail to protect his family’s privacy. But, wow. I wasn’t very close with him, but, I knew him and we’d chat sometimes. He was a pretty well-known figure among many of us. And really, it’s something you don’t expect to happen. It’s something that shouldn’t happen. But it did.

Unexpected death brings about varied reactions. But those that are common are reactions of shock and sadness. Immediately my heart broke for his family and very close friends. To lose a son so young….to lose a child at all…is devastating. Immediately I set about the task of praying for God’s provision and comfort for this family. As a bystander, you feel so helpless. You want to rush in and comfort those loved ones left behind, only to realize that you cannot fix it. You cannot lessen their pain. You can only support and help where needed, which can be a blessing to the family.

I apologize if this blog entry seems all over the place or disjointed. I’m still grappling with this news. Immediately I thought of the brevity of life. I thought of my own children. I thought of how precious life is and how this young man likely had no clue that his would end so suddenly. It made me want to scoop up all of my kids and protect them. It made me want to take more time to treasure them. It made my heart break for those parents of that young man. It made me think of how none of us really know how long we have, and how we should make the most of it. It made me think, personally, of my relationship with God, my creator. It made me think – am I living to the fullest? Am I reaching my potential? Am I sharing my faith effectively? Am I doing everything I should be doing? Am I trying to live a healthy and robust life? Am I taking proper care of myself and my family’s health and well-being? So many questions and thoughts swirling around. Events like this have a way of making you STOP. THINK. REFLECT. As much as it lies within me, I want to treasure this gift of life and my children and family and friends. I will attempt to live my life, this gift of life from God, to the fullest and to make it one that pleases Him. That’s my personal goal. What will you do with yours?

I pray that you live to the fullest and make a positive difference in this world.
I pray that you take the time to treasure your loved ones – your family and friends.
I pray that you let go of grudges and live!
I pray that you forgive those who have wronged you and choose to live with joy and peace and laughter and love.
I pray that you don’t let anyone rob you of who you are. God created you uniquely special.
I pray that you comfort and help others and take every chance to “pay it forward”.
I pray that you realize how beautiful and wonderful you are and that you can reach the stars!
I pray that you can be that shoulder for someone to cry on, or that listening ear, or that word of wisdom, or that hug or smile.
I pray that you know how much God loves and adores you and that you get to experience Him in your life.
And I pray that you know that… just as “bad” unexpected things can happen, so can “good” ones. Never give up!

Blessings ♥

© “Life Unexpected” by KD Corner 2012

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God’s Got People


Do you remember the H & R Block commercials that had the ad campaign slogan “You got people”? Ok, so for all of you grammatically correct folks out there, I know that this is not correct English. But, the point of the ad campaign was that if you used their services, basically, you had someone in your corner.  I’m continually amazed how God’s “got people” everywhere.  I call them secret agents. These are people you might otherwise overlook or perhaps not even realize that they are people who love God until you encounter them in a special situation.  They seem to reveal themselves at the ideal time to give you a word of encouragement or strength to go on.

Prime example, the cleaning lady at my job is one such person.  She’s as sweet as she can be….very humble and always has a kind greeting for people. You might dismiss her as just a little ol’ cleaning lady, but, I suspect she’s on a “secret mission” to show God’s love to others. Today, when I went in the break room for a snack, she was sitting there resting before she moved on to her next task.  We exchanged greetings and I shared some of my frustrations with her about my day. I expected her to laugh with me and jump on my grumpy bandwagon. Instead she listened intently, took a moment to give some thought to what I was saying, then proceeded to give me some wise words and shared with me how God can change things through prayer.  Wow!  I needed that!  At the end of our conversation, she said, “I don’t know why I was sitting here so long…I guess I was waiting for you and didn’t know it.”  I smiled and totally agreed.

Isn’t it funny how at just the right moment, God brings different people across our paths unexpectedly, to share his love and encouragement with us? He uses His people, His secret agents, to help us make it through our day or our difficult moment. I could fill this page with stories of such moments.  God definitely has people in the most unusual places with unpredictable faces as His messengers in disguise. Be blessed today. 🙂