Winter Fan, Winter Foe

I don’t like winter.  I used to like it when I was a kid.  I loved putting on my boots and big poofy winter coat and trudging through the shin-deep blanket of snow.  I have good memories of attempting to make snowmen with my siblings.  Or I’d pick a pristine, untouched patch of snow and attempt to walk through the snow in a precise pattern so as to spell out my name or favorite word.  Yes, I was one of those nerdy kids who had favorite words.  Sometimes I’d take a fallen twig and try to write something in the snow in my best cursive.  Ahh, the innocence of childhood where the smallest things were a delight.

Fast forward to adulthood, having raised my own children and having lived through multiple snowy winters.  I don’t like winter anymore.  Truth be told, I’d rather be on a tropical island or in a warm location where snow is not the norm.  I’m okay if I don’t see snow firsthand for many years.  Yes, it’s beautiful.  It really is.  I especially like how the blanket of white fluff seems to insulate the noisy outdoors.  And it’s pretty when the snow covers the intricate tree branches.

But, I don’t need to live in it anymore.   I’m good.  Done.  My body hates being cold.  I no longer enjoy bundling up.  The gray skies of winter give me the blues.  And all I seem to want to do during the snowy winters is sleep and stay inside.  This is not the way to live (for me).  I want to wake up to sunshine and blue skies.  I want to wear shorts in December, January and February and not be cold.  I want summer weather all year long.  That’s the dream.


~ Kay Dee

©2020 I Am KayDee, “Winter Fan, Winter Foe”

Take a Break

Hello. 🙂
Today’s encouragement is – Take a break!
Sometimes we all get bogged down with the day-to-day duties of life. It happens to all of us at some point. The daily grind of work, family responsibilities, etc. can begin to wear on you mentally, emotionally and physically. Sometimes you may just need a BREAK. We all need to refresh and renew and refuel ourselves from time to time. If we don’t, then we break down…yes, mentally, physically (we may become ill), or emotionally (stressed). So, take care of yourself! Take a break!

You may say, “That sounds nice but I have no time.” Make time. It’s better than ending up in a hospital somewhere because your body breaks down. You can go BIG – and take a major vacation. Or you can go smaller – take a personal vacation day from work, go see a movie, meet up with a friend for a meal, leave work on time & spend time with your family, take some time each day and read a good book… the possiblities are endless.

I personally know when I need a ‘vacation’ day from work when I begin to feel stressed all of the time, or I start missing things that ordinarily I wouldn’t, or I’m feeling burned out. So I’ll take a day off and it does wonders. I use the day to rest or do something I enjoy.

So, take my advice and take a break when you need one. It will have a good ripple effect. 🙂

Toodles. ♥